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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 21

The Milhouse was good. Nice open common areas and nice bar area. There are really hot showers and comfortable beds. Staff is helpful especially at the bar. Great location. Only downside is that the rooms always smell stuffy and the bathrooms dont smell great either. In relation to other hostels in Cusco, this is definitely pricier so it could be cleaner. Otherwise, enjoyable stay.


This is a good party hostel. Good location and nice rooftop. A little pricey and the bathrooms are not the nicest, but overall good hostel.

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Dear guest, Thank you for your review, we are really glad that you enjoyed your stay here at Pariwana Hostel. We work every day to give you the best service. Best regards Head of Front Desk & Reservations

The Cranky Croc Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

This is a nice hostel. Really nice facilities, nice beds, bathrooms, common area, and kitchen. Staff is friendly. I recommend.

Black Sheep Hostel Medellin

Medellin, Colombia

This hostel is great for meeting people. The kitchen and outside patio are always being occupied so they are great places to meet people. Staff is very helpful and pleasant especially the owner. Rooms are okay and the overall faciliites are okay. Location is great really close to Exito and Poblado Station. Highly recommend this place as it is a great hostel for meeting people.

Galeria Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

This hostel was fine. Good location and nice staff.

Casa Bellavista Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

This is one of the homiest hostels I've ever stayed at. The family run staff is so pleasant and kind, and the hostel is so clean and comfortable. I really enjoyed my stay here and the breakfast was excellent. Really, very clean and comfortable hostel with excellent staff. Highly recommend.

The Dreamer Hostel

Santa Marta, Colombia

I've stayed at many hostels, and I have to say this is the greatest hostel I've ever stayed at. The staff is amazing Diego, Fabian, and Gustavo. The pool and the overall facility is great too. The crowd that this hostel attracts is quite diverse but mostly young backpackers looking to have a good time. I really enjoyed my stay here, and actually stayed here much longer than I planned just because I enjoyed the staff, place, and the people I met so much. Highly recommend.

El Viajero Cartagena Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

This hostel is a pretty great place for meeting cool people. The location is great too in the heart of the old town in Cartagena. The staff is not helpful though and it's definitely not the cleanest hostel I've been too. I met a lot of great people here though so I would recommend it. Also AC is a major plus.

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

This hostel has a great location right in the heart of Madrid. The staff is overall friendly, some are much friendlier than others. The rooms were fine and the bathrooms were too, just very very small (the bathrooms). Overall my stay here was fine.

Lisboa Central Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

One of the best hostels I have ever stayed at. It is so clean and comfortable. The staff is exceptional and they do their best to make everyone feel at home. Also it was one of the most conducive hostels for meeting people as I met so many people here. Definitely recommend it, and you will love your stay here. Also the pancakes in the morning are such a nice added touch to breakfast. Lots of common areas and really comfortable beds and bathrooms!

PILOT Design Hostel & Bar

Porto, Portugal

Definitely one of the best hostels I have ever been to. It is so clean and comfortable. The staff is exceptional and they do their best to make everyone feel at home. Really though, the staff is just the best and so cool to talk to and go out with. Also it was one of the most conducive hostels for meeting people as I met so many people here. Definitely recommend it, and you will love your stay here. Also the beds are really really comfortable. STAY HERE!

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Hey! Thank you for the kind words about our hostel, amenities, and friendly staff. We are glad to hear you liked our property, and enjoyed your visit with us. Your response is exactly what we are aiming for here and we are more than happy to hear that we we're able to provide you delightful experience. Obrigada for taking the time to share your lovely review. PILOT Design Hostel & Bar Crew

Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel was decent. The staff was really cool and nice. The location is fine in Amsterdam and it is safe. However, it just a little small and cramped and could be slightly cleaner. Otherwise, it is a nice place to stay.

Ostello di Perugia centro

Perugia, Italy

Enjoyed my stay at this hostel. It was a nice stay with a really friendly staff. The rooms were fine and so was the location. I recommend it.

Hostel Mancini

Naples, Italy

Nicest staff!!!! So helpful and kind. Really enjoyed the staff. Great Location near central train station and metro. Nice Breakfast and Common Room. Nice rooms with private bathrooms. Definitely recommend it!

Samsen Skyline Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

This is the BEST hostel I have ever stayed at. The staff is SO KIND AND HELPFUL. The couple who own the hostel are so nice, and Aung is the MAN. He is so cool and really helpful. This is definitely my favorite hostel, and the rooms are nice and the bathrooms are fine. Location is perfect as it is less than a 10 minute walk to Khaosan Road and the major temples and palace. Air Con is great and so is the wifi. I love this hostel and the staff, and I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS HOSTEL!

One Stop Hostel Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Great Hostel. Really helpful and friendly staff. The location is perfect as it is just off Pub Street by 50 meters at most. Also this is one of the newest, most clean, and comfortable hostels I have ever stayed at. I really did enjoy my stay here, and I met some cool Aussies in my room too. Only down side is that really is no community at the hostel and in the common area is not the most conducive for meeting people. Otherwise, it is a great hostel and I definitely recommend it.

Sunflower Hotel Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

This hostel is great. I heard from other backpackers that this is where all the backpackers stay in Hoi An and that is definitely true. Staff is great and helpful. Breakfast is buffet style and hands down the BEST BREAKFAST i've ever had at a hostel and better than many hotels. Really great buffet with so many different food options. Location is not the greatest as old town is a good 15 minute walk. Also, there was almost never any hot water for showers. Otherwise great hostel!

Vietnam Inn Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Overall it is a really good hostel. More or less the staff is friendly although some of them have a bit of an attitude. Met so many people at this hostel and I would say for young backpackers this is definitely the most conducive hostel for meeting people. Location is great too right on the main park in HCMC. The travel agency I found to be so helpful as I booked a couple of trips with them and a bus ticket to Mui Ne all for cheap. Definitely recommend it.


Good hostel. Staff was really nice and helpful. Location is really good as it is just a 5 minute walk to the nearest Metro Station. More or less really clean and I found the bathrooms to be quite nice for a hostel. The restaurant is really good too and a good place to meet people. Lastly, they organize some good trips such as the Canals which I enjoyed. Definitely recommend this hostel.

Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

I really liked the staff here. They were very helpful and kind. Also they organize a really great trip to the Great Wall. Also, the restaurant here is really great too with good food. Location is fine and the cost is so cheap. It's definitely not the cleanest and the rooms are quite cramped. The bathroom was also quite gross. Other than that it was fine

bAKpAK Gion Hostel

Kyoto, Japan

This hostel was fine. Not the greatest, but it wasn't bad. Location is pretty good and the staff is more or less friendly and helpful. Not the cleanest hostel though and the bathrooms are so small that it's really shocking.

James BLuE

Sokcho, South Korea

I stayed here a while ago, but I really enjoyed my stay. Staff were so friendly and so sincerely helpful. Great location, and is is very clean and comfortable. THey have a nice gathering area with board games which I thought were fun. Definitely recommend this hostel.

The Forest Hostel

Jeju Island, South Korea

Amazing hostel. Staff is amazing, location is ideal (near the Jeju bus terminal), clean, spacious rooms, and safe. I really enjoyed my stay here, and I would gladly stay again. No negative things to say.