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Location: Taiwan, Gender: Male, Age: 28

This is a good hostel. Good location, nice staffs. Also, I love the breakfast they offer. It costs 3.9 euro but with various bread, sauce... etc. The breakfast is one of the best in the hostels I've ever stay. However, their wifi speed is a little slow although it shows a strong connection at everywhere. But still, it is a very good hostel to stay!

Jugendgaestehaus Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl, Austria

Just an average hostel, don't except too much. But i think this is the only hostel in bad ischl? Anyway, it's a feasible place too stay.


One of the best shower facilities of all the hostels I stayed. I love all the things in the hostel: nice staffs, great location...etc. this is a recommandable hostel in salzburg. I think the price is reasonable.

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hi there. thanks for the great feedback. save travells :)

Hostel Postel

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

This is an above average hostel. Not the best hostel but quiet good enough. Love the decoration of the hostel. There's no breakfast provided, but with a kitchen. The shower rooms only has curtains without door which makes it a little bit wierd when 2 people take shower at the same time, and the light in the shower room will turn off unexpectedly beacause we're behind the curtain so the detector doesn't detect those who are taking shower which makes showreing a frustrating thing.

The MadHouse Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

A happy and active hostel. Staffs are nice , perfect atmosphere, good location.but I think this hostel is more sutiable for party guys. There are many sorts of activities hosted every night. For those who want to make friends, this is the best opportunity. But if you just want a quite and cozy hostel to stay and truely know Prague, there are other better choices.

Charles Bridge Economic Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Almost perfect!! I love this hostel so much cause all the staffs are kind and patient. The facilities are good, they prepare almost everything you need. It's a nice, warm, and cozy hostel. If I go to Prague next time, I will definitly stay there again! Without question, it's a recommendable hostel.

Antares Hostel

Nice, France

Just a place to stay. It's more like a cheap hotel, not hostel. Not recommandable if you want a relaxing place and meet some new guys. With the same price, I think there are way more better hostels than this one.

Hostel Meyerbeer Beach

Nice, France

Everything is good. Good location, nice staff, greate atmosphere. But wifi is not working in the room when I stay in.

Pop' Hostel

Avignon, France

Almost nothing to judge. The breakfast is a little not enough for a male, but yhe bugette is really tasty. And it's, without question, a cozy hostel. I will defenitly stay at this hostel if I visit Avignon again!! Totally recommandable!

Young & Happy

Paris, France

The only benefit for me is its location. The staffs are all really nice. HOWEVER, there are too many problem... The water for shower is too hot, and there is no controller for the water, so it is really a catastrophy when taking shower. The room has only one socket for charge, so we have to charge at the lobby... And the wifi is onlt available in the lobby. Most of the time the key card of the room dosen't work. In conclude, this is not a recommandable hostel.


PROS: Good staff, nice location, the atmosphere is awesome! cause there's a band bperforming in the night, just like a small night club, people can chat, drink and dance there. CONS: the room I lived smells a little bit stinky... The wifi is a little bit unstable although it's free. I almost can't get signal in my room. People who want to check in is too much but staff number seems not enough, so when I want to ask something, it needs to wait for a long time which is a bit annoying sometimes...


Good staff, good atmosphere, good location. The location is vary close to Gare du Nord. And I love their room so much. There is locker for every person, and normal socket USB socket bed light right up where you sleep, so it's easy to charge your equipment. And there's curtain so people will not be disturbed by the light in the room. I love this hostel and would definitely come back here again! THINGS TO IMPROVE: hope the breakfast can vary a little bit.