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Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

The hostel seemed understaffed at times, but I understand that I might have just came at the "peak" times. Also, when I was leaving, the staff asked me how my stay was, what they could improve on, etc. but I could tell the employee was just asking as standard procedure (a formality), and did not seem interested in anything I actually said.

Amsterdam Hostel

San Francisco, USA

This was my first American hostel to stay at, and I absolutely loved the experience. Staff were very friendly and helped me get checked in/out with minimal paperwork, there was pancake batter already mixed up in the kitchen in the morning, the bathroom were clean, and the halls smelled clean too. The staff were also helpful with the SF maps. Would definitely stay here again!

Oh So Indie House Hostel

Moscow, Russia

I really enjoyed the easy-going attitude of the place, along with the friendliness of the staff. The staff provided me with a lot of information about the city, as well as always asked me if everything at the hostel was good. This hostel is a larger one, so if you're looking for a more personal, intimate setting, this may not be the place for you. However, it was fun to see so many international people walking around. I really enjoyed my stay, and would happily come back.

Baby Lemonade Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Stayed in this hostel for 3 nights, and it was a great experience. I met a lot of very nice people from around the world, and everybody was very respectful to one another. The facilities were nice, with the hostel offering free breakfast, filtered water, tea, and coffee. I really enjoyed my stay. It was a smaller hostel, and the atmosphere nicely reflected that. One thing that could use improvement was that the 10-bedroom dorm could have smelled nicer. It smelled like body odor.

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Dear Mark! Thank you for your review and comments. I'm really upset to hear about the smell in a dorm, we'll work it out. Hope there was not too much inconvenience because of that. Tanya


Moscow, Russia

Stayed here for 4 nights, and had an amazing time speaking with other residents about their trips to Moscow. Hostel beds were very clean, and the facilities were in good condition. The staff was very helpful, and were great to have conversations with. I really enjoyed the large commons area, as I was able to meet people from all over the world. Staff is also very flexible with their checkout times, and really made an effort to make my trip as pleasant as possible.