Reviews: Anonymous

Euro Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

LIFTS!!! Nightmare! It's unacceptable! Such a building and neverending problems with lifts out of order. Showers - working, but... who designed the way of operation? WiFi - worse then poor.

Venture Hostel

London, England

Wi-fi was a bit better than in other hostels but still far from perfection. Rooms were kept clean - cleaning almost every day, but toilets and showers were unacceptable. Staff - unhelpful not to say RUDE! Kitchen opening times - catastrophy - early in the morning when you want to eat something and go - the kitchen was locked. The hostel adverises the lockers in every room - in 4 bed room there were only two lockers one of which was broken... So only 25% of guests had an access to a locker!


Altogether - very good place to stay. There were some problems with broken toilets however - managable. The wi-fi could be a bit better. When there were a few people using it it was quite difficult to remain online... Very friendly staff, breakfast included in price (!), clean and tidy.