Reviews: Anonymous


NO AIR CONDITIONING and the window doesn't open more than 3 cms, a complete sweat box... ROOMS REEKED of b/o and mold from the lack of circulation. Also, half the patrons were 40+ yrs old. Had 4 snorers in a 12 bed dorm, and when I asked the reception for ear plugs they said they're out but CHARGE for them normally anyways. Probably one of the worst hostels I've stayed in, the only reason it still exists is because London gets so much turnover. AVOID IF POSSIBLE.

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Staff goes above and beyond, location is great, breakfast was good, what more could you ask for?

Hostel Feldkirch

Feldkirch, Austria

I stayed for 3 days to detox after a week of going hard in Dublin and this was the perfect place. The towns very sleepy and pristine and the hostel itself was fairly quiet except it seemed to be pretty full (aside from my dorm) and possible to meet other travelers. Though there is only one plug to charge your phone in the 10 bed dorms, I pretty much had the 10 beds to my self with one night having 3 people.

Youthhostel Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Only stayed for one night but really appreciated the cleanliness and friendliness of the staff. I also found the set ups of the room really great, it allowed me to dig through my bags and freshen up without waking people up. Showers were spotless and another plus was the breakfast was probably one of the best I've ever had in a hostel. Well worth it.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Pretty good location, just north of all the main attractions and near O'Connell's and a bus stop to get to and from the airport easily. That said, it is in a slightly dodgy area, saw some one get mugged on my way to the hostel the first night. Also there is NO HOT WATER at all, enjoy your freezing showers. Also, I don't want to have to sign in on facebook at the hostel every time I want to use the wifi.

The Monk's Bunk

Tallinn, Estonia

Smack in the middle of the Old town, New highrise core, and the "mall district" (Estonians love their malls). Everything was good.