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Despite the apparently low rating, I LOVED LOVED LOVED my stay here. It's not for everyone, but for the right crowd, it is the best place to get away. Ganesha is literally a paradise in the middle of nowhere. The staff - Billy & Marie - are amazingly helpful and friendly, and Emma has a...different kind of French charm. The food is lovely as well, and so many great benefits of staying here - very chill atmosphere and easy to meet people, and the canoe and dogs Bert & Mischka were amazing as well

One Stop Hostel

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Nothing bad to say; only thing is there was no elevator. However, their ac broke in one of the 8 person dorms so they converted our 8 dorm into a 10 dorm which was a bit annoying with bro-ey chavs staying in our room.

One Stop Hostel Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

No complaints - they were really understanding when we cancelled a night because my friend got her passport stolen here. They gave us back the money and helped us find transport to the police station and everything.

Clockwise Hostel

Penang, Malaysia

Hostel was pretty acceptable and chique - a bit too hipster for my liking. However, my mates and I were pretty upset because they blast music at 8 AM in the morning, and the next morning there was no one at reception to let people check out/make our breakfast. With places that double as a cafe, you have to wonder where their priorities lie. Also, the middle bathroom wasn't cleaned over the 2 days we were there, and there were major dukie stains.

Orchid Lodge

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Great! It's like a homestay with Haida's family. She was great and very helpful with everything and they even took me out for dinner the first night even though I arrived late. Great location too.

Raizzy's Guesthouse

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great hostel - owner and staff were VERY helpful. Right next to one of the top 10 attractions of KL, but wasn't too noisy at night. When I got sick and thought I'd go need to see the doctor, the owner actually called her doctor friend to consult me. What a sweetheart! Would def recommend staying here, except the room smelled a bit weird.

Discovery Cafe & Guest House

Melaka, Malaysia

Oh man, this hostel was terrible. It's run by cafe/restaurant owners, so you really have to question their priorities. Obviously it wasn't in their guests. I stayed in the AC-less 8 bed dorm because there was no AC male dorm, and it unbearable. It was extremely hot even with the 5 fans {mind you, this was in May} and the beds were very creaky - it was even hotter than outside. Moreover, the internet is really bad and the corridors are really smelly. The S. African worker was weird.

Pillows & Toast Heritage

Singapore, Singapore

Excellent and helpful staff with great location. The breakfast is meek, but you won't find better for anywhere else at this price. Bedding and everything was fine and the staff - Fatima and Shida were very helpful and played cool music!

Smile Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

This is the owner's rented out home that's been converted into a guesthouse. Super friendly workers who were very helpful. He even gives you a headlamp to sleep with, and the location is perfect.

Now Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

Everything about the hostel was great - the common area, the shared kitchen, the staff, and the facilities. The only qualm my mate and I had was that they have a system where you can get 4 nights free if you work for 3 days. That's all and well, but there were two guys who were there for a prolonged period of time who were guests/workers, and they were very standoffish and not friendly. They were only friendly to the pretty girls, and it was kind of narky and made for a rough atmosphere.

Rainbow Lodge HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This hostel was great - it's impossible to not meet friends here. The staff was VERY helpful and friendly, and the atmosphere is great. It's not a party hostel per say, but you can make of it what you want. As with all hostels/lodging in HK, it's slightly cramped but that's normal. Otherwise, Sam, Jenny, and Manny were great! Thanks guys!

Gay Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

I was a bit scared that this would be a cruisy-type hostel to stay in and that I'd have to fear for my "goods" at night but it's far from that. It's really what you make of it. I did the communal shower every night and didn't face any issues/problems. It's really close to the metro, grocery store, and a lot of the main gay things in Schonenburg {the gay are of Berlin}, but the showers have low pressure and forget about even trying when more than one person is trying to wash.

Hostel Prague Tyn

Prague, Czech Republic

Everything was great - especially location. Very close to good restaurants/bars/popular clubs. Also about 3 blocks from the Old Town square which is spectacular at night. Despite everyone else's complaints about noise on here, I didn't notice any at all. Everything was great, except I wish there were more bathrooms/showers and/or bigger sizes. The male bathroom for the toilet was the size of a closet.

Generator Berlin Mitte

Berlin, Germany

This hostel is part of a chain - keeping that in mind, it's a bit hard to meet other people as they are mostly in groups. Little kids on field trips seem to stay here often, which got annoying after a while. Bathrooms were fine except mine smelled like poop constantly. The beds though - one of the most comfortable I've slept in. A bit of a bummer that you have to pay to rent a towel, and you also need to assemble your own bedding. Other than that, good location and price.

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Dear Guest, Thanks for taking the time to review your. Please be sure that I have passed on your comments to our team as we are constantly trying to improve our facilities and services. Best regards, Nelson

Central Backpackers Hostel

Luang Prabang, Laos

You get what you pay for - nothing too bad, but nothing too special either. Free water, tea, and coffee all day long. Beds are kind of hard but expected for Laos. Woman in the morning is very helpful and free basic breakfast. Bring warm clothes cause it gets cold!

Chern Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Everything was good except this is more of a hotel than a hostel.

Kikies House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kikie's house was great! I usually only book 1 night and then decide if I want to stay, and I did for an additional 2 nights. I also booked two tours with them which were both amazing, and the price was about the same/less as you could find elsewhere. Kikie & the rest of the staff were very helpful with everything and for the prices, this is a steal. When I come back to Chiang Mai I'm definitely staying here again. Would definitely recommend Kikie's House!


Hostel is meant for people who want to party, really wasn't my cup of tea.

Tran Ly Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

Had a single private because I'm travelling solo - get what you pay for. Nothing special but the AC worked well.

Funtastic Danang Hostel

Da Nang, Vietnam

Cannot say anything bad about this place - staff were super friendly and willing to help tourists. This hostel had a geeky feel to it, which wasn't for me but it made for a great atmosphere. Great social space and great breakfast as well. Overall, just perfect. Recommended it to people I met in Hue. Albus was awesome! Be sure to rent a motorbike as DaNang is much more motorbike virgin friendly than Hanoi and Saigon.

Vietnam Inn Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Great place to stay - extended mine from initially one night to the entirety. They were very helpful with tours, but as usual, I'm sure we paid a high commission price. You get a ticket for a free {watered down} beer that can be used from 8-9 PM. Rooms were properly AC-ed which is great during summertime, but the bathrooms were quite hot and humid. No real faults with this place. Enjoyed my stay.

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Hostel was in a prime location in the Hippodrome, located in the middle of all of the major tourist attractions in the Hippodrome. Was a 3 minute walk away from the Sultanahmet Tram station so it was very accessible and easy to get to (don't mind the stray dogs/cats though). Also if you get a chance, please ask Paco for help because he's your greatest asset on your trip in Istanbul - he can help you with directions and where to go. Overall, very pleased with the stay!