Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA,

Keystone House Kings Cross

London, England

I hated my stay at the hostel. It was so hot in our room that people were getting sick and the staff refused to do anything about it. The bathroom for the lads was out of order, so everyone was forced into one bathroom (with 2 stalls, because the other two were also out of order). Now, in our room there were 16 girls, so I can only imagine how many people were sharing it! There were never any toilet paper and it was looking gross. Additionally, the cleaning lady took my stuff and threw it out.

Black Sheep Hostel

Cologne, Germany

Fantastic hostel, so friendly and has that amazing neighbourly atmosphere, very clean, large rooms, lovely people. Could not ask for more and will definitely come back here again.

Shelter Jordan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Good hostel but the rooms are far too crowded! Only one plug in the whole room of 8 people so constantly have to take downstairs to charge. Breakfast they give would not be sufficient for a guy and you don't have much choice either. But for the money it was all right. You get a free locker but have to buy your own lock. Liked it very much that there are Bibles and Bible discussions available, that was very lovely. Staff was very sweet.


The hostel looks like it's ready to fall apart - very old building, waiting in line way too long before being checked in - at least 1 hour and far too many people hanging out downstairs and blocking the way. Shower was awful - had to constantly press the button to get the water going and could barely regulate hot and cold water so got scalded quite badly. Not coming back here!