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Loft Hostel was a major contribution to the great time I had in Paris. The cozy lounge was ideal for meeting people and was very clean and comfortable. The staff were super friendly and engaging, playing drinking games at night and putting movies on during quiet nights. The rooms were very clean and comfortable. The lockers are big enough for personal belongings. The location isn't central, but the nearby metro is quick and easily accessible. I highly recommend this hostel!

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Despite its giant size, the hostel retains a comfortable environment and has a great lounge/restaurant area for meeting people. The staff weren't the most warm and welcoming and didn't engage in conversation. The rooms were very comfortable and clean and the bathrooms which are inside the rooms were clean as well. It's location is a little inconvenient, located at the bottom of a hill. However, if you mind the exercise, the bus stops right at the top. I definitely recommend this hostel.

Hostel Gastama

Lille, France

Hostel Gastama was a great place to stay and had a small, warm and cozy feel to it. The staff were super friendly and very helpful with places to go, things to see, and discounts to take advantage of. The rooms are large, clean, and have sliding lockers big enough for a bag's worth of valuables under the bed. The bar in the main room is a great environment for meeting people. Although it's not directly in the center of the city, it's definitely worth the money for the comfortable experience.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Although the hotel isn't in the heart of the city, there's a metro a few blocks away. The staff were not warm and welcoming and were rather abrupt and straight to the point. However, the rooms were large, clean, had lockers big enough for a bag's worth of valuables, and the bathrooms were very clean. I'm not entirely sure why it's called a hotel when rooms are shared with strangers, but I thought it was overpriced for it's value.

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

The hostel is really more of a bar and has no lounge area upstairs where the bedrooms are. The bedrooms are very packed and the lockers are inconveniently placed outside of the rooms on the first floor. There is no wifi upstairs and there's no lounge area in the evening since the bar scene is happening. There seemed to be one bathroom per floor (for at least 25 people) and I didn't even see a shower. The hostel is great if you just need a place to stay and don't care about anything else.

Hostel Uppelink Ghent

Gent, Belgium

One of the best hostels I've stayed at! The hostel couldn't be located in a better place, as it sits right in the heart of the city. The hostel has the vibe of a hotel, is very clean, and has lockers big enough for a bag's worth of valuables. The staff are super friendly and helpful. The breakfast had the typical set up for a hostel, but it was all fresh and good. I highly recommend to stay at this hostel during your stay in Gent!

Hostel Ani & Haakien Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

One of my favorite hostels I've stayed at. Although its location is a little out of the way of the main city, it is conveniently 5 minutes away from the central train station. The hostel's atmosphere is very clean, modern, and cozy. Kitchen is loaded with food, rooms are simple and clean, and lockers are big enough for a bag's worth of valuables. The staff are super friendly and are practically part of the crew each night. They even convinced me to extend for another night! Highly recommend!

Durty Nellys Inn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is a good hostel if you need a place to stay for a couple of nights and are looking for just a place to stay. Security is great and has lockers big enough for a bag's worth of valuables. The hostel is in the heart of the city and is on top of a bar, for which you get pretty good discounts for. Rooms are simple and clean and have clean bathrooms inside. Overall a good hostel for Amsterdam's standards.

The White Tulip Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I wasn't expecting much from a hostel in Amsterdam. White Tulip is really a bar, with an additional business of housing upstairs. If you're just looking for a place to stay for a night or two and nothing else, this place is perfect. The security is great, as the door to get upstairs is always locked and the giant sliding lockers under the bed fit a big bag. The location is perfect, as it's in the heart of the city. There is really no atmosphere, unless you hang out in the bar. Good hostel.

Grand Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

This hostel is pretty much a hotel, or a luxurious/grandiose hostel. The main room is very cozy and the bar is convenient. The staff were super friendly and helpful with places to go and see throughout the city. They also gave me great advice for discounts at the time. The rooms are huge, clean, comfortable, and the lockers are large. The bathroom/showers were clean. The location isn't in the heart of the city, but the metro is right across the street. Great place, fully recommend!


Stayed at Smart Stay just for Oktoberfest and it was right around the corner from the field (Theresienwiese), so the location for the event was perfect. For the location to the city, the metro is a block away and is very convenient. It's not the coziest hostel but the large main room with picnic tables and the adjacent bar are good for meeting people. Staff were very friendly, room was simple and clean, locker fit a bag that could fit your valuables. Good value for the money.

Old Town Lagos Hostel

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is not a full experience without staying at this hostel. I've never felt so safe and so comfortable in a hostel that is at such a convenient location. The staff got us riled up to go out for the evening and Nikko took us out for an amazing pub crawl. The hostel's terrace overlooks the Marina and is perfect for relaxing during day breaks. Hugo is full of information and no decision should be made without his approval. Easily the best hostel I've ever stayed at throughout all of my travels!