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Pere Tarres was in a reasonable location. It's right in front of a shopping center so it was easy to get food to cook, in the fully equipped kitchen (but someone kept eating our food, even after labeling our things). We had to take the train to Paris our last day and the station is within 10-15 minutes of walking, they even let us keep our luggage in their back room after checking out which was cool and saved us a lot of trouble! Bathrooms were a bit dirty, nothing too disgusting.

Hostelle - Female Only Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

After a long ride overseas from London we were so tired and the female only hostel was a great idea. It's super quiet and right next to the shopping center. The shopping center has a grocery store, outdoor mall, and is about a 10 minute walk to the metro/train station. The staff is super nice and helpful. I could have done without the breakfast though, considering the grocery store is right around the corner just to save money. Pub crawl was fun. I'd definitely stay here again!