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Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel

Medellin, Colombia

Overall great hostel. Great social atmosphere and pleasant staff.


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The MadHouse Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Without a doubt the best hostel I have ever stayed at. The hostel treats guest very well and makes sure the have a great time when you stay with them. This hostel is more then a bed, it is an experience of a lifetime. If coming to Prague stay here. I have twice.

St Christopher's Village

London, England

About half the staff is friendly and helpful the other half is not. This hostel will Nickel and Dime you, they will try to get you to pre register and pay thru PayPal. This charges an additional fee. They say they rent towels, but did not have any available for over a day. However they will see you one for 10 pounds. The luggage storage is lockers that you have to pay for. The hostel could be a little cleaner compared to the others that I have stayed at.