Reviews: Anonymous

Casa Caracol

Cadiz, Spain

This place was really nice and laid back! The vibe of the hostel was very similar to the vibe of Cadiz. I particularly enjoyed the rooftop and the pancake breakfast. Only thing I would change is that they charged 2 euros to use the locker after I checked out. This was a first for me, as normally hostels will let you put your bag behind the desk or in a storage area for free. Otherwise, the experience was great, and the location was GREAT. Old town is definitely the place to stay.

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Seville, Spain

Absolutely incredible! This was my favorite, and I've stayed in a bunch of hostels. The three kind Englishmen who run the hostel are incredibly hospitable and take the time to learn each of their guests' names. I had dinner both nights at the hostel, and it was both really good and great for meeting people! The hostel attracts lots of young, fun travelers in their 20s, and I found all the guests to be very friendly. I would highly recommend the free walking tour!

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

This hostel was really, really nice. Facilities were GREAT. I get excited about showers, and this shower was outstanding (a rain shower head). Staff was really nice. Particular shout outs to the kind man with dreads who I believe was named Fabio (or another italian name) and to our awesome tour guide, Luis. Would highly recommend the tour! Free breakfast was a huge plus. The only thing that can be approved upon was that sometimes staff wasn't great with restaurant recommendations.

Itaca Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The location of the hostel is EXCELLENT! Barcelona is big and can be very loud and touristy, but this was my absolute favorite area. Right by both the beach and the ramblas, but more beautiful in terms of architecture than both. Biggest complaint would be the staff, who I oftentimes found to be rude and judgmental. But the guests of the hostel were all super nice, so that made up for it! I also loved the common room and balcony in the dining area--I found it to be a cozy space to hang out.