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Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel is NOT in Amsterdam (20 miles north) and seems to be run by teenagers, that being said I had a good time here. Clean rooms, bar in hostel (but the let locals come into the bar and smoke room) grocery store nearby. The kitchen was a bit of a mess everytime I went in there. The clean it really well before and after they make breakfast (complimentary cereals, breads, cheeses, milk and coffee) but in between the messes build up. Enjoyed a huge dubstep Halloween party when I was there.

Smart Place Gare du Nord

Paris, France

Location was in a dirty part of town, but, good for people taking the trains at Gare du Nord station. And, the metro line down the street takes you straight to the Arc de Triomphe, which is a good starting point for wandering the town. Clean place, cool spiral staircase, bathrooms in room, overall very good.

Sant Jordi Alberg

Barcelona, Spain

Right by the Placa de Catalunya, great location. Especially taking the Aerobus to and from the airport. Big screen in main room with lots of movies loaded on the dvr. Two kitchens, plenty of showers and bathrooms. 2 more common rooms besides the main one. It is a partying focused hostel though. Lots of ppl stay out till 5 or 6am and come in being a little rowdy. I did myself several nights. They organize nightly bar raids and get you into a big nightclub for free. Just pre-drink at the hostel...

Amistat Beach Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Good place, good prices. Right by da beach mon. I stayed here one night just to chill out and get sleep. Good eats nearby. Its way away from the center of town, you´ll need a bus ride or two. I moved closer to the center of town after my 1 night. Best during warm months so you can hit up the beach real easy.

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