Reviews: Anonymous

PangeaPeople Hostel & Hotel

Berlin, Germany

At first when I arrived at my room, I found the blankets dirty with blood. That was creepy disgusting. And the WIFi signal is terrible, sucks. We have to pay 1€ for the internet that doesn't work at all, even around the place they say it's suppose to work. The staff are pretty cool and helpful, except for one short blond guy who was kinda rude when the talk came to alcohol.

Emile Hostel

Gibraltar, Gibraltar

The receptionist was such a rude dude. We arrived at 11 a.m. and he started to shout at me and my friends that the check-in was only after 3 p.m., being totally rude, and seemed that we kinda waked him up. The reception only worked at the reception and the price of the staying was pretty expensive. The worst thing at all was that the reception isn't 24h! We had to leave 6 a.m. and when we came to the reception to give the keys back the guy was SLEEPING and we had to leave the keys at the floor.