Reviews: Anonymous

Daikoku Hostel

Osaka, Japan

This place is fantastic. The common room is amazing, lots of people being friendly and open. The beds are very comfortable, some of the best I experienced in Japan. The staff is very nice and willing to answer the same questions about tourism over and over again. They are also prepared with tons of little side trip suggestions, how to get to the different places, and how to use the very confusing transportation system. I will definitely be back!

Nara UGAYA Guesthouse

Nara, Japan

This is a nice, quiet place to hang out and enjoy Nara. The staff are awesome, always wiling to help and answer questions. The dorm beds are a little uncomfortable, but I've slept on way worse. The only down side is that they only have one shower. I did not, however, have to wait for it ever. In the evenings, they sometimes have a small performance of the Tales of Genji done in the ancient style of chant. Very entertaining. Over all, I really enjoyed this guest house!