Reviews: Anonymous

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

This hostel was great! Upon arrival it looks somewhat seedy from the outside, but the inside is decorated very modern. The bathrooms were so nice! There's a great bar on the ground floor. The beds are comfy. Breakfast is really good. The sights are easy to get to- a 15ish min walk down one road, you can't get lost! It's also convenient to the trolley to get to the train station/ Charleroi airport. I would definitely stay here again!

Oliver St. John Gogarty

Dublin, Ireland

The bed was clean but the floors were gross and we didn't shower because the trash was overflowing, the sinks were dirty, and the shower looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a week. We had people in our room that weren't staying there that were being way too loud for the small space, so we complained to management and management said they couldn't move us to another room because it was "past midnight" (it was 12:04!) Stay at one of the other dozen hostels in the area.

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

This place was AWESOME! Located right off a metro stop, and super close to everything you want to see. The bar on the ground floor is great and has great specials for those staying at this hostel. The rooms were clean and spacious, and though the bathrooms were a little unusual, they were clean and that's all that matters! I would definitely stay here again and again.

Riad Massin

Marrakech, Morocco

For 5 euro, we had pretty low expectations for this place, but it was absolutely beautiful! The owner will greet you with traditional mint tea and a great talk about everything there is to do in Marrakech, along with great tips (like how much you should expect to pay in the souks!) This hostel also has great connections for excursions- we did a GREAT day trip! The airport pick-up was also awesome as this place is kind of hidden. Great location- close to both the newer area of the town & Medina!

HomePlus Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Was conveniently next to one of the bridges that connected to the other half of the town. Many restaurants and cheap, good eats nearby. Bathrooms / shower space felt dirty, but beds were fine. Reasonable locker space big enough to fit your carry-on comfortably. The room we stayed in had frosted panels in the LARGE door so the light from the common space filtered in all night- slightly annoying. Staff was very friendly but would only stay here again if I had to due to lack of cleanliness factor.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

It was close to our train station, but a 20 min walk into town. We had to pay for towels on top of our rate, and the shower..! You press the shower and the water stays on for 20 seconds. Then it shuts off. You have to repeat this the entirety of the shower. Toilets separate from showers were awkward. Floors were dirty. My bunk bed felt like I was getting a cat scan done. Good for socializing, but I was here for a clean, decent bed and convenience to sights- didn't see that at all.

Hostel Santini Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

This has been my favorite hostel I've ever stayed at! The rooms are clean, beds comfortable, and the bathrooms make you feel as if you're staying at the Hilton. Simple breakfast and sandwiches provided for on the go lunch, but they're free so don't complain! On the quieter side of the bridge, but it is a 5 minute walk to the bridge to get to the "exciting side" of Prague. BEAUTIFUL hotel-esque hostel. Waters and postcards for sale in lobby were a nice touch. I would definitely stay here again!!

Hostel Slotania

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The night staff is WAY more friendly than the day staff. Accidently booked for Thurs night instead of Fri and got it switched with no problem. Had 5 friends join Friday night and we were placed in a 6 room suite with no problem. Our bathroom was super clean. Beds were slightly uncomfortable and VERY squeaky. We even had a nice balcony. I would definitely stay here again. Only con is that it was a 25 min trolley ride from the sights but for this price (€10 a night) it was worth it to us!