Reviews: Anonymous

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great location of the hostel, Paco who is the main manager is a very very friendly guy and is super helpful. He is the main reason why that hostel is doing well and feel he should be acknowledge more. The guy who works at the bar can be be rude at times but once you get to know him he aight. a bit cold down. over all staff is friendly and it would be ideal in the future if they allow cooking at the hostel. everybody on a budget... THanks Paco for you great energy and advise had a great time!!


This hostel could use a few things that could easily be improved without costing alot. I had informed a staff member from chefs hostel that I would arrive late and was informed that there would be someone waiting for me. .. i arrived at the hostel at 2 am and no one there to open and waited for 30 mts until someone heard me ring the door. Security is an issue because I did find the doors open at time no one watching our stuff. Owner is friendly once you talk with him. Ben