Reviews: Anonymous

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

This place was awesome! It has free wifi, an amazing (and fully stocked) kitchen area, a huge lounge area, a bar, and a free washer and drier. The room was really big, and the bathroom area was like something you would find in an expensive hotel. It was easily the nicest hostel I've ever stayed in and is completely worth the money.

Amsterdam Hostel Janson

Amsterdam, Netherlands

You get what you pay for with this hostel. It's cheap, but I found that it was pretty clean, and the staff was nice. The free wifi was nice too, and I could pick it up anywhere in the hostel. The bathrooms were really small, and there was only one per floor though.

Arsenal Tavern Backpackers

London, England

The hostel appeared to be in a pretty bad part of the city and was at least a ten minute walk from the nearest tube station. The room was tiny, the bunk beds were three high, we couldn't shut the window for the life of us, and there was only one stall in the bathroom for everyone. On the flip side, the attendant was really nice and seemed to be able to speak at least three languages, and the common area was huge.

Antigallican Hotel

London, England

The room was a lot larger and cleaner than we thought it would be. The kitchen area was a little small for the size of the hostel, but it wasn't a problem.

City Backpacker - Hostel Biber

Zurich, Switzerland

While the hostel was nice, it was ridiculously priced. It was in the best part of the city (right downtown), but the cost per night was still crazy, and they like to charge for extras like linens and lockers.