Reviews: Anonymous

Urban Holiday Lofts

Chicago, USA

The staff was all very nice, pleasant to talk to and knew the town and the neighborhood. The neighborhood is awesome, tons of cool bars and pretty easy access to downtown. The hangout room upstairs was nice, but the kitchen part was a little cramped when there was more than one person trying to eat there. I liked the bathrooms because it is a bathroom like at home with the toilet and shower and sink all in one room. Breakfast was too late, so I couldn't take advantage.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

The location, staff and other guests were all very pleasant. I also appreciated the lockers for added security. The breakfast was a fair deal. The place was not well kept though. A few of the showers didn't lock, and on multiple occasions toilets were plugged up and unusable.

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The only people in the common area were middle aged groups and groups with little kids so it didnt have the typical youth hostel feel. And the staff didnt feel very inviting. Apart from those points it was excellent. Clean room, safes in the room, free bag storage, breakfast for pretty cheap. I would definitely recommend it.