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Advantage Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

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Smart Hyde Park View Hostel

London, England

Smart Hyde Park View was a little more expensive than one would have liked, but one has to remember that London is relatively an expensive place to live, if not from there. The accommodations were good as well. It was a very safe location in the city. One thing that would make the hostel better would be to have Wi-Fi in the entire building. The room was very secure and felt very safe. The staff for the most part were helpful, if you knew what you wanted to do.

Argyle Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Argyle Backpackers was a great place to stay. The staff was so helpful when we needed something. If anyone has any form of time delay, just let them know as soon as possible. The staff would be more willing to understand your situation and make arrangements with you. The place offers a T.V. and Wi-Fi. Argyle Backpackers is not far from the major sites of the city, so walking is not an issue. If I ever want to go back to Edinburgh, Argyle Backpackers would the place to stay.