Reviews: HazelMorin

Location: England, Gender: Female, Age: 36

Kurmi’s Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you want a cheap private room then this is a ok Hostel. For a dorm room I'd definitely go elsewhere. The building is old and rambling. There are quite a few long-term residents and they tend to stay up late and sometimes make quite a bit of noise. The room was pretty good, cosy and charming in a faded beauty kind of a way. However, the laminate floor was badly laid, bouncy and with lots of gaps which felt very strange underfoot.

Hotel Las Araucarias - Pine Tree Hotel

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Absolutely lovely staff and very helpful. The room was comfortable and clean. Nice communal/breakfast area. However, the breakfasts were pretty poor and badly organised and there was a double booking on our last night and we had to move to a nearby hotel. The owner was very apologetic and even have us a lift with our bags.

Sabatico Travelers Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Only stayed for one night as it was conveniently located for the bus station. It's a pleasant place with good clean facilities. Decent breakfast and good location.

Reina Madre Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Staff are lovely and incredibly helpful. Communal areas clean and organised. Simple but adequate breakfast. A great place to stay in B.A. Only downsides were a female dorm virtually taken over by longer term residents (no free hangers etc.) and a broken door on the locker.

Pousada Evelina

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Evelina is absolutely lovely and very helpful. The room was very clean and the bed was huge. I could lie on it horizontally and my feet didnt reach over the side! On the downside, there were some times when there was no one around to open the entrance gate. There is also a small charge for wifi and the coverage is a bit patchy. Be aware that this is really a hotel and not a hostel with no mingling amongst the guests.

Pousada Cabanas do Curupira

Morretes, Brazil

Private cabins for the same price as an average dorm bed. An absolute bargain. Located a short drive or bus ride away from Morretes and hidden away amongst the lush greenery of the rainforest. Luis and Lucca were lovely and incredibly helpful. The breakfasts were beautiful too. I highly recommend it!

Curitiba Casa Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

Location was very close to the main bus and train station but away from the centre and in a neighbourhood that was a little bit run down. The dorm was clean and the lockers a good size. The staff were incredibly helpful and gave me very detailed directions around town. Really tasty cake for breakfast too!

Motter Home Curitba Hostel

Curitiba, Brazil

The building was lovely and it was fairly convenient for getting around town. However, the facilities and atmosphere weren't brilliant. My second night they moved all the furniture out of the communal area and men started to arrive with instruments so I thought 'great, they're going to have some live music'. Unforetunately, they had photographers and a film crew and played the same song over and over again. The staff gave no explanation or apology. Very annoying!

Owner Comment (Hide)
Hello! We are sorry about this little inconvenient that happend when you were here. The musicians asked us a place to record a video clip. We thought that it wouldn't be a problem to our guests, once that it never happens. In a next opportunity, we're sure that you'll gonna love the hostel!

Pousada do Indio Asa Branca

Salvador, Brazil

The room was nice but the other areas were a bit shabby. Although the listing calls it a Bed and Breakfast there was no breakfast on offer.

Giramondo Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Lovely place to stay in a brilliant location. Made some amazing friends here during my stay.

Hostel Galeria 13

Salvador, Brazil

Brilliant hostel in the middle of everything. The chill-out area is a brilliant idea and happy hour caipirinhas don't hurt!

Pousada e Hostel Papagaio

Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Comfortable bed and really helpful staff. The breakfast was a bit lacking, however, and it was completely empty when I stayed so its hard to comment on the atmosphere.