Reviews: Anonymous


The Hague, Netherlands

Great place, good for when the weather is warm and nice. It reminded me of the beachtown I grew up in in Florida. But not as warm in January. If you are staying for more than a night, it might be wise to not take the room with the most people. The rest of the building seems renovated execpt for the room with 17 beds.

Hostel Ani & Haakien Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Great hostel! Especially for the price. The comforter and bed was super comfortable and the lockers in the room are great! They have electrical outlets inside of them. In case you want to charge your phone and not have to watch it all the time. Staff was excellent- I loved them. Overall, awesome first time in Rotterdam!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Great hostel! I definitely recommend attending one of the tours with people from the hostel. The tour guides stop there in the morning to pick up. Sleeping in the 8 person mixed room was no problem and the room was big!

Casa Grande Surf Hostel

Tenerife, Spain

This was my first hostel experience on my own and first time in Tenerife. It was great! The staff was really great and accommodating. The cost for the location was the best thing ever. One VERY SHORT block from the beach. Everything was very clean. As a single female traveling alone, I felt extremely safe. It seems to be a really safe small town anyway. I would most definitely recommend this hostel to friends/family and stay again.

MPS Waterland Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great place! Excellent breakfast, but no wifi.