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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 23

Corner Hostel Malta

Sliema, Malta

After finding out how cheap Malta's bus system is (1.5 euro daily, payable on the bus), I'm not sure how I feel about the 20 euro airport pickup, but everything else in this hostel was a rather good deal for the money. Nothing was noticeably dirty. The facilities were just the run of the mill kind. I don't know if I saw anything about laundry, but there is a kitchen available. The nearby bus stop (and the staff are more than willing to explain how to take advantage of it) got us everywhere.


Not the cheapest hostel in London, but not far from average (regrettably). I might be concerned about the security being comination locks, but the place didn't seem particularly unsafe. Everything else was really very nice. The rooms are small but WELL equipped, very comfy beds, sockets, lights, TV, computer (even headset/mic) and a mini fridge!!! The showers were super small, but always hot, so not a bid deal. My favorite staff member was local resident german shepherd!

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Thank you for choosing Destinations Hostels during your visit to London, we change the lock combinations weekly and never give the codes to anyone who is not staying in the hostel, we are happy to hear you enjoyed your stay with us and hope you will consider us again next time you visit London, thank you for your comments.

Four Courts Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Location is wonderful, and the place feels safe. Free PC access is nice. The other facilities were mostly ordinary. The rooms get HOT even though it was February when I came. Like others, I couldn't find enough sockets, even when checking behind beds. The shower is push-activated (no problem), but the timings are off so that I had to press button every 5 seconds (I timed to be sure), making showering arduous. 5 euro deposit on towel rental on top of 2 euro fee is RIDICULOUS

High Street Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

A fairly easy to get to hostel with a decen atmosphere despite not offering much else that's spectacular. The showers/restrooms were ordinary, the rooms were just large enough not to feel cramped. The rooms do offer wall lockers instead of under-the-bed, so that's a plus. Also, at 20 pence, the towel rentals here are the cheapest I've seen yet, and I bumped up my facilities rating just because of that :) Also, I went downstairs VERY briefely, and I think the common area down looked fun.

STF/IYHF af Chapman

Stockholm, Sweden

A SUPER cool boat that I think is worth staying at for that aspect alone. To be honest I don't remember if it had laundry facilities, but it had everything else that you would want. The showers/restrooms were very clean, and although the shower operated on a push-activation, it was not much of a hassle and the water was always warm. The beds were very comfortable and the rooms very large. I liked the people I met there and met many even though I didn't visit the common areas much.

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

This appeares to be a very safe part of town, and its easiness to find is probably the hostel's best part. Otherwise, although everything was very adequate with the place, it was entirely small, old, and unspectacular. I have found other hostels in London I would prefer, but I would not really mind going back here, either. It's entirely average with a great location and security.


Very quiet, pleasant hostel. Excellent showers. The location of the place is perfect for people arriving on the train (either from another city/country or from the express coming from the airport), although Google Maps BADLY misidentifies this hostel as a place two blocks away. Not a loud, party hostel, and I think it is even child-friendly. The beds were fine, and I believe it came with wall lockers instead of under-the-bed lockers, so that's another plus.


While this hostel is run like a big business and therefore can be lacking on the hostel feel sometimes, I can only really complain so much about that. This hostel is a bit of a walk to the city center, but it's not far compared to most other alternatives, and the navigation is easy. The beds are clean, fairly comfortable, and well equipped (lights, sockets, lockers), there is a keycard lock, and an elevator. The staff are friendly and mostly helpful, and the breakfast wasn't bad.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

Perhaps my stay here was only happenstancely perfect, but everything, from the staff, to the facilities offered, to the people I met, were superior, and I honestly could not imagine my trip in Florence to have been so great without having gone here. Of note, commodities, food, and drink are sold here VERY cheap, the breakfast is far better than expected, and there are solid morning tours of the city offered every morning for free. The place is clean, quiet, and social without being bothersome.

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

I showed up late and left early, so my stay was brief, but this was my first hostel experience and I liked it. This is more of the "I share my home with you" kind of hostel, and so everything is small (except the kitchen, if I remember, which was rather large), but the young girl running the place was very nice and made the stop enjoyable. If anything, the age of the building makes it difficult to keep quiet on the second floor for others.