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Rest Up London

London, England

Good Hostel, The toiletts could be much cleaner, The beds were fine but some privacy could help. Overall good value for the money and good hostel so I will come back!

The W14 Hotel & Bar

London, England

please people! Sleeping in a nice and clean park is far better than this place. extremely rude stuff. Forget about the toilet and bath room because they were so disgusting that I went to the nearest restaurant to use their toilet instead. Construction site. spiders, insects. Don't go there even if you have to! If no decent place found, sleep in a bench in hyde park!

Abercorn House Hostel

London, England

I had booked the bed and I had the confirmation in my hand. It was 8:00 pm I was going to check in.i met a very grumpy and rude staff. they had given away my bed because I was late. I wasn't able to find a new place that late and had to sleep on the street. Never again!

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Dear Guest, Our system shows that you stayed in room 132 for 2 nights not on the street as you said, you paid by card R.NO 2477.I am very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your stay in our hostel. Concerning the staff, our staff is very kind and helpful as everybody mention that in their comments. Hopefully you will take our hostel into consideration when you come to London next time. With pleasure I would take personally care of your booking. Sahil