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Hostel Rio Playa

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Nice place, great place to meet people. But the rooms were below average. And it can get super loud with no privacy. I got a cold from the AC so, make sure you don't freeze yourself in the rooms.

ACBB Hostel Niagara

Niagara Falls, Canada

Patrick was an excellent owner! Great guy to talk to, he will give you a lot of info! :D Looking forward to come back more in the summer.


Very nice owners from Montreal!!! Able to speak in French to them! Another guy working there was very friendly and has an at-home atmosphere! :D


Very nice nightlife activities every day! The staff were amazing! However, all guests should be sympathetic when they're busy. The reservation, including to change the room also needs to be done online.


Staff very nice but they clean the hostel too often! The staff can be cranky when it comes to reservation. And it needs to be done online. To change rooms also. However, activities in the evening are amusing and great!

The New York Loft Hostel

New York, USA

Very nice atmosphere for guess to meet each other. However, the cleanliness could be better. Also, some of the staff were not helpful and cold. But most of the staff were very nice.

Montreal Central

Montreal, Canada

very nice staff and is a sister hostel to M Montreal. Has the nice hotel atmosphere. However, would be nice for it to have more events during the day for guests to meet each other. Only nightly events is the time when guests can meet each other, other than your room mates.

M Montreal

Montreal, Canada

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