Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Canada, Age: 29

City Smile Hostel

Banja Luka, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Brilliant staff! Sorry to hear they are closing in the Fall but the atmosphere was great! Thanks for all the help getting to know the city.

The Wallaby House Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

If you are staying in Zagreb for only a night or making a connection at the bus station the next day this is the perfect hostel. That being said there were several multi-night travelers who loved the hostel as well. Nice, clean rooms, fantastic staff. Great all around

Beach Hostel

Split, Croatia

No complaints at all from this hostel. Ladybird is a wonderful woman who always has a positive outlook and welcoming spirit. The hostel facilitates a great atmosphere with its outside space and Ladybird's willingness to set up things and help out. 5 min walk to the beach/clubs was a fantastic plus.


Really great hostel for atmosphere, sleeping conditions, common area, and staff. Really no complaints to be had. It is no wonder they have won awards for best hostel!

Egali Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Excellent hostel. great location! The staff went out of their way to help me understand my travel plans from Dublin. Couple layers of security for people that worry. Free breakfast was an added bonus!

Hostel Goodnight Grooves

Belgrade, Serbia

Atmosphere and hospitality are the keys to a good hostel, and this hostel cant be beat. Not to mention their focus on cleanliness and security. This hostel rivals any you will find in Europe: helpful and warm staff, comfortable beds, full kitchen, complete bathroom, common area, and of course a central location. This is place is a MUST stay when you go to Belgrade. I just booked my next stay today and I have no reservations about recommending it to all of my friends.

Atlantic Hostel

Essaouira, Morocco

Man was this hostel excellent! Wonderful staff made sure my stay was top notch. I was sick the first night and they put me in the more isolated rooms across the alley. Every night there was a great ambiance in the common rooms, most of the time facilitated by the staff. Highly Recommend!

Hostel Waka Waka, Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco

Very comfortable stay! The staff were the best part, always makig sure we were comfortable and taken care of. Would recommend this to anyone. Solid atmosphere, good stuff...stay here.

X Hostel Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

Great location and can tell that it would be a blast in the summer. A lot of the staff are other travellers working part time on their travels, in this respect it was a nice interaction. The atmosphere was hit or miss depending mostly on the occupants. The full-time hostel staff seemed more focused on ensuring the buck was earned (which is a given but doesn't have to be so overt) than on improving the atmosphere within the hostel. In this sense it was a bit of a bummer.

Hostel Malti

St. Julians, Malta

As a first time hostel stayer I believe I have probably been spoiled. The facilities were excellent, fully functional kitchen, bathrooms cleaned daily, hot showers, nice beds. The atmosphere is fantastic, in no small part because of the quality of people running this hostel, from Chris the owner, who was so nice and friendly, willing to share his wealth of knowledge about travel, to Aaron, who not only insured a great time, but was always there to make sure all guests had everything they needed.