Reviews: Anonymous

Q4 Hotel

New York, USA

Especially considering that the hostel is located in a very sketch part of town, I think there should be more security. There probably ought to be security at the main entrance. At the very least there needs to be additional security getting into the staircases. Although there probably ought to be both. I stayed in room 209 and most of the time I was there the sink was nearly overflowing with water because the drain was not functioning properly.


Istanbul, Turkey

The staff is extremely kind and helpful. I loved the location of the hostel because it was nearly impossible to not be able to find my way back if I got lost. All I had to do was look for the giant tower :) My only complaint is that it was kind of annoying and gross that we couldn't flush toilet paper. The lid of the trash can in the bathrooms doesn't open very much when using the foot lever. So a few times I had to open the can with my hands. I suggest larger trash cans that open better.