Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 26

Aloha Hostel

Paris, France

Only 1 shower has the ability to control the temperature - the rest are really hot water and in the summer that's not fun, but they were clean showers and very clean bathrooms. Love the sink in the rooms, as well. Mattresses weren't the most comfortable but that is easily forgiven when you have such clean bathrooms/showers. Loved my stay here. Great staff, free breakfast, good environment, very close to metro stop, made new friends! Wish there was AC in the rooms during this heatwave though

Antigallican Hotel

London, England

Very clean showers and lovely staff. Such a great deal for your money. Closr to a bus stop that'll take you to the tube station.

Youth Hostel Anna

Santorini, Greece

So cheap and convenient! The bathrooms/showers were the only downside to this hostel. The showers always smelled musty - they needed more ventilation, and the bathroom was almost always out of toilet paper. They really needed to stock up in the bathroom verses just giving us a roll at a time. The staff could have been more generous about the air conditioning as it was summer and we were sweltering in our room when we all started coming in for the night but the A/C wasn't on until after 10pm.

Ostello S. Fosca

Venice, Italy

Very easy to find as it's just one street off the main street from the train station. It was a little inconvenient having the common room close at 8pm. Overall, it was a nice place and I met some great people staying there as well. Nothing above and beyond, but very good for the money.

M&J Hostel

Rome, Italy

My room's lock was broken and there aren't lockers in the rooms, so there was basically no security as far as I was concerned. It's a great location is you're needing to be close to the Termini station, but it's a bit of a walk to any of the sites. The wifi, while free, is not available in the rooms, so you can only use it down in the common room which was never overly crowded during my stay, but isn't very big, so on a busy night could pose some problems.


While the hostel is pretty small so you cannot expect a really social atmosphere, I still expected better after reading all of the positive reviews that enticed me to stay there. The bathrooms always smelled like urine. There are only three shower stalls for the whole place, but there was never anyone waiting for one - we all seemed to time our showers well. It is super convenient for visiting the Vatican. It was cheap, so all things considered, I'd stay here again if visiting Rome.