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Location: Portugal, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Second time, second joy! This time with a room upgrade!!!


The best view in the city with very cool staff! Wi-fi works really well and the location is perfect! We loved everything, from the Hotel til the city!

JustGo Hostel Braga

Braga, Portugal

Cool place to stay in Braga. The location is great and the staff is very welcoming! The wi-fi in our room was weak, and the bathroom is private but it's not inside the room. For a private room, we think the towels should be included on the price.

Hostel Prime Guimares Lda

Guimaraes, Portugal

The staff is great, Fausto and Celia will make you feel like home. The building is beautiful and cosy and the location is perfect. When in Guimaraes you couldn't ask for more, this hostel really fits in the city lifestyle.

Oporto Invictus Hostel

Porto, Portugal

Great location to get lost in the beautiful streets of Porto. The reception/lounge area has a cool deco with a relaxing vibe! Perfect for couples.

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Thank are very nice :) We hope to see you soon

The Hat Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Great hostel, helpful staff, tasty breakfast, perfect location! We love it! Everything is awesome in this place. We will definitely be back! The only thing that we don´t really understand is why do they charge for the luggage store once you checked-out.

Brisbane Backpackers Resort

Brisbane, Australia

Perfect location and the 4 bed dorm was nice cause you have a fridge inside it! but the ac's don't really work when they sell the rooms with that facility.

Flashpackers Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay, Australia

The best hostel we'd been so far in oz! Great staff and we heard the ac's in the rooms are coming next month, that's just perfect!

Nomads Noosa

Noosa, Australia

The best of it are the outside areas & the laundry room, which is quite useful. I never gave a review like this to a place. They say that they free have wi-fi but it's impossible to connect, there's no glasses in the kitchen which they close at 9pm, so at dinner time. The bar is more expensive then the bars on the other side of the road (go to bycicle village). Impossible to sleep cause the rooms are hot without ac, and they charge 35 AUD for a night in 8 a bed dorm. Staff doesn't really help...

Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park

Port Macquarie, Australia

No customer comment

Backpackers Newcastle

Newcastle, Australia

The staff is very cool and make you feel like you belong to the place! The wi-fi network needs to improve cause the system doesn't really work especially when you're travelling without big plans or booked things.

Walk On The Beach Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Great hostel and the staff is so sick!! Ste, Lu, Filipe, Michael, and the rest of the guys are amazing, always keen to help and party with you, giving to the hostel an amazing atmosphere, and making you feel part of the brazilian family! If I could, I'd stay more time in this place and easily turn into a outside living resident! Beyond that, they have the best Caipirinhas in Rio! Thank you so much, and we'll highly recommend this place!!

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

Chilled hostel in the middle of the nature, so that's why were some bugs inside the house!

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

The most beautiful hostel that i ever saw! The staff is welcoming and the have chargers inside the lockers! Perfect combination!


Amazing hostel! Loved my stay and looking forward to stay in Pariwana Cusco! Lovely staff!

Wild Rover Backpackers

La Paz, Bolivia

The location of the hostel is great! Close to the main places in La Paz and on the surroundings you have small convinence stores, where you can buy elementary stuff! I was surprise cause there's no kitchen, probably because they have a huge bar there where you don't feel that you're in La Paz... Looks like a regular Irish Pub of the streets where everybody eats, and the prices are average. Continuing with the facilities they only have 2 computers for 170 beds and the wi-fi conection is too bad.

Arica Surf House

Arica, Chile

Loved my stay in Arica! I was there mainly for surfing so I met other people with the same goal, and we went to the beach together! The staff is always there to help you and Kurt is a great and crazy guy, he will always make you laugh and tell you everything you wanna know about the waves! About the breakfast, it's just the best one in South America... So don't miss it otherwise you are gonna cry!!


Loved it! The location is just perfect, I was there mainly for surfing so the view fromthe balcony is like a live windguru! The staff is very kind and the facilities are great! Totally recomend this place!

Andes Hostal Serena Centro

La Serena, Chile

For people that wants to be just in the city its quite nice, cause the location is just 100m away from the main avenue. But if you go there to go to the beach be ready for 40min walk for each side! Talking about facilities is not that good cause you dont have pcs with internet for example or a bar thst can sell you water!

Delirio Hostel

Vina del Mar, Chile

The staff is very kind and always keen to help! The location is amazing cause the hostel is close to the beach and the city centre, including bus and metro stops! Just improve the facilities and you'll be a top 10!! Great stay in Vina, many thanks!

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Olá Joao! Thank you very much for taking some time to give us your feedback. Concerning our facilities, that's exactly our priority at the moment, so we hope to improve very quickly to give a very good service overall. Take care and good luck on your trip round Southamerica!