Reviews: Anonymous

Puerto Limon Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

bathrooms pretty dirty, computers didnt work, average breakfast compared to other hostels in Buenos Aires

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This hostel feelt like a hotel, very very welcoming and friendly staff, amazing breakfast, comfortable beds, great computers downstairs, great location, staff were brilliant. Wanted to stay longer but they were all booked up. A bit more expensive than other places though, I did find other hostels for a lot cheaper with similar facilities. But this was pretty amazing

Marcopolo Inn Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Staff not that passionate, I felt bad asking questions as it felt like I was bothering them, pretty good breakfast, located across the road from the bsu station you can't really get a better location.

La Posada de Don Simon

Salta, Argentina

Amazing hostel, super friendly staff, very helpful. The younger guy booked my bus for me, organising the best route and took no money for himself. Amazing breakfast, great coffee, cute cat, great location, a brilliant first night in Argentina

The Celtic Cross

Sucre, Bolivia

One of the best hostels I've stayed at in South America. The owner was such an amazing guy, so welcoming and accomodating, made us feel very much at home. Noise never an issue. Friday night bbq was totally amazing. Great vibes. The Irish spirit really comes through! I wish the hostel and owner all the best on this new hostel, they're doing everything right so far!

Hosteria Rose Cottage

Otavalo, Ecuador

Beautiful location, not in the centre but the owner drove us to the market for no extra charge so location wasn't an issue, and the beautiful surroundings made it well worth it. The staff (particularly the woman who owns it) were terrible though, the lady seemed grumpy the whole time, not welcoming at all. And she was never around. A guest arrived in the morning with no staff whatsoever to help her checkin and it was pouring with rain, terrible service. No one around.

Alternative Hostels

Cuenca, Ecuador

Very, very nice hostel. The cleanest, fanciest hostel I have stayed at in South America. And cheap! The building and all the facilities are very modern and extremely clean, there was an a mazing cleaner who was constantly working! They even provide towlels and packets of shampoo and soap upon arrival. I felt like I was in a luxery appartment or hotel but paying for a hostel. Great kitchen, great location, helpful and friendly staff


Excellent hostel. A really cool atmosphere is created around the fire here. Staff were pretty helpful too, sometimes communication was a bit hard sometimes due to an english language barrier. Downside, being asked to leave outside the hangout area at 10pm, even though I was quietly using the computer. Rules stuck to a bit to tightly. Internet wifi not great either, and not able to be accessed from the rooms.


Really cool hostel, and one of my favourites from the trip. Really well organised, but the fun atmosphere that's created never felt fake or forced. The outside pool area is incredible and a brilliant place to meet new friends. I planned on only staying a night in Cali but ended up extending this thanks to the awesome vibes of this hostel. The place seems to attract pretty rad people. Breakfast was great too. BUT A guy had his camera stolen from his room from a random, questionable security

La Jangada Hospedaje

Leticia, Colombia

Really nice wee hostel, staff were really helpful, good hangout space, easy to meet other travelers

Ocara Hostel

Manaus, Brazil

The good: Adorable kittten, Location OK, boat docks and market walkable, air conditioning was amazing, great rooms and good storage. The bad: Lady at the desk a little useless. , the area felt pretty unsafe and I got harassed by local drunk men on numerous occasions when I walked back to the hostel in the evenings, place lacked atmosphere, more of those ┬Ęgood for a night places, I wouldn't have wanted to stay longer

Landay Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Location was ok, well within walking distance of city center, would have been a bit better to be closer to everything though. But definitely not a bad location. Place was very clean, fast internet, friendly staff. Atmlsphere was a little dull. Pretty quiet and most people seemed to keep to themselves. I would stay again, was a good hosrel