Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Poland, Gender: Male, Age: 22

LaGranda Hostel

Lodz, Poland

No customer comment

The Monk's Bunk

Tallinn, Estonia

The Monk's bunk is an excellent party hostel, attracts a great crowd, has a superb bar, great location, equipped kitchen and all that stuff. The staff is a great bunch as well, all in all, if you're staying somewhere else in Tallinn you're making a big mistake.

Center Stay Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

This is basically just a place to sleep with an amazing location and nothing else. Wifi doesn't work in all rooms, the staff doesn't necesarilly speak English - but they do have Polish and probably Russian down.

Alibi Hostel

Vienna, Austria

No customer comment

Hostel Ljubicica

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

The hostel is great, and also dirt cheap, with friendly staff. At first the wifi didnt work in the room - had to go outside, but we told them and it was fixed. The room was actually a 10 minute walk from the reception, so the location is not ideal, but that depends which one you get - there's also rooms right next to the reception, i heard.

Downtown Belgrade Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

I was really pleasantly surprised with the place considering how cheap it was. The location is downright amazing, it's walking distance from everything. Staff was friendly, the atmosphere was great even though it's a tiny place

Grand Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

I only stayed a night, but it was good - the hostel has a bar downstairs with a great atmosphere, great to meet people and hang out.

Hostel ELF

Prague, Czech Republic

The place is great, with a really cool atmosphere and lots of stuff going on - especially during happy hour - clean, nice, etc. The only issue I had is that it was slightly hard to find... but once I did it was superb. It's a little walk from the city center, but if you're lazy there's a bus stop right next to the hostel anyway.

Corner Hostel

Berlin, Germany

A very relaxed place, not really a party one but good to chill out. Kind of far away from the city proper, but staff was friendly & the kitchen was nice as well.

Amsterdam Hostel Janson

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is nothing special, the breakfast included was very minimal, but i just stayed one night and the place was good enough for that.

Casa EspaƱa Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The place was bad. There are no windows & the rooms are tiny. Some of the staff were friendly and some acted as if they were doing us a huge favor by letting us stay there. the location is quite good though, but not amazing. if you just need a cheap bed you might as well stay here.

Goodmorning Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

it's the best hostel i've ever stayed at, so much that i've kept extending my stay day by day and ended up spending circa 2 weeks there. the location is great, the breakfast is amazing, the atmosphere is grand and there's always something going on. a special mention for the staff, which is by far the friendliest bunch ever! it's definitely THE place to stay at when you're visiting Lisbon. accept no substitutes.