Reviews: Anonymous

Kolpinghaus Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria

The only major problem with this hostel were the instructions to get there, they basically said something like "get off the bus and just walk for 6 minutes". Because of this we got lost for like 30 minutes. And that was the only issue we had.

Hostel Postel

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Best hostel we've ever stayed in, and the staff was so nice and gentle. Hands down the best, highly recommended!

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

This is a party hostel, rooms are mixed, there is rap music playing all the time even till 11 pm and a ghetto vibe to it. There were 5 Indian guys talking loudly inside the rooms and drying their dirty socks under my bed mattress. Women who come here look like men and they fit right in, yet I met a cute French girl on my last day so I decided not to rate the place lower. There are no keep it quiet rules. Hot water lasts only seconds and there was shaved hair on the toilet unremoved for 2 days.

Prague Lion Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

I had to rate this hostel because it was awesome!, at first we were worried because the staff closes at 6:30 pm, so it was closed when we arrived, so we went to the hostel in front and asked them to call the hostel, which they kindly did and within 10 minutes there was a woman at the door, who opened it for us and was very kind. The rooms are cozy, nice, clean, full of ammenities and well heated, it was the best hostel we stayed in Europe, best value for the money, we were 3 in a 3 bed room.

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

The hostel has the typical German organization which is perfect and clean, yet Munich is a city for Emos, Darkys, Ravers or Neo-Nazis, first German city I visit in my life and boy was it cold!, Cold for the people, like shadows, starring at you evilish. Only good thing was the beer, and sausages with beer for breakfast.