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Zostel Varanasi

Varanasi, India

Not bad. Except that the male staff was very forgetful in handling requests.

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Hi! Thank you for writing to us about your experience at Zostel. We're sorry about the absent-mindedness. We try to remember everything that our guests need, we assure you that if we forget something, then it's not at all intentional. Do remind us if we forget, and we'll make sure we get it done! However, we once again are apologetic about the inconvenience caused. Hope to host you again so we can give you an even better experience - an awesome one! Cheers, Zostel

Pyrenees Home Stay

Agra, India

Owner was very nice when we were staying there. As soon as we checked out, we were not treated as customers anymore. As our train was delayed till midnight, we got the feeling that we were unwelcomed to stay past our booking there. He finally chased us off despite being very indirect about it, saying he felt bad and that we were his customers. Crocodile tears. Stay if you're budget. If you want to hang around longer than you should, you will feel his wrath.

Trip&Sleep Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Most parts of the hostel are close to perfect, except the WIFI. WIFI experiences a period of blackout very frequently even though it says connected. Not recommended if you like to use your phone. Also, there is no smoking area in thehostel. The cafe outside forces you to buy something so that you may sit outside for a smoke. Cafe's wifi was also much better.

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Dear, during Your stay, unfortunately, our internet provider had a technical issue with network. Just to note our future guests that bar is included in the hostel and that there is also wi-fi internet, so you can use this network as well. Moreover pub is part of the hostel and you can just chill, without ordering anything. Ofcourse, bar tender will approach you as it is in their job description :) In hostel smoking is not allowed, as most of guests are non smokers, and it is allowed in pub.

Mandarin Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Everything was right about the hostel except the staff; well, they weren't unfriendly, but they weren't friendly either. We travellers could use more humour sometimes and the old man mending the desk seemed to be very inflexible on certain things.

SR Backpackers

Saranda, Albania

Tomi could easily be voted as the best hotel owner internationally if there was a competition. On my 1st day, he took note of my arrival time and waited for me promptly there even though my bus delayed for an hour. When youre thirsty, he gives you water. When you are tired, he plays you a song. He personally cooks a breakfast for you, and you could taste the passion he has for running his hostel. Ive been an avid traveller and never seen anyone like that. Hats off to you TOMI! Youre the KING!

Tsikeli Hotel

Kalambaka, Greece

Ad: excellent location just below where the trek starts to the meteora. Very clean. Disad: a guy at the receptionist was rude when talking (sounded like he was demanding you to do something, and unpolite). Definitely not something you want to do after a long overnight train ride. But the lady was very nice. Pls reassign him to do something else other than front desk. aircon works in poor quality, not cooling at all. It will also auto stop after awhile due to the timer set by the hostel.

San Remo Hostel

Athens, Greece

Staff were friendly, location good if you travel by trains at larissa station. However, room was absolutely hot with no wind due to the buildings surrounding it. Lot can be improved here such as using an aircon. The toilets were also horribly small and stank of sewage all day long. sometimes, the smell permeates the entire hostel.

Youth Hostel Anna

Santorini, Greece

This is the type of hostel which you cannot complain for the price you are paying. Everything such as cleanliness and location was not good, but so what? Just 6 euros a night! However, I must say that the buses outside the bus stop were very inefficient. Not recommend this place if you are only in Santorini for a day as staying in the main town would be better

Fantasia Hotel

Kos, Greece

On first impression, the hotel lacks the willingness to serve as there was no receptionist at all despite a desk there. Only staff there was the cleaner who was helpful to contact the manager. Every time a request needs to be made, I had to go through the cleaner then to the manager by phone. However, the room was extremely pleasant given the amt I paid for the night. Hotel was also hard to find and no directions were given on how to locate it.

Bodrum Backpackers

Bodrum, Turkey

No customer comment

Artemis Yoruk Hotel

Pamukkale, Turkey

The hotel offers a lot in terms of breakfast (wide buffet spread with meat), facilities like pool, aircon and good friendly staff. However, if there is one thing i dislike is the wifi. It is poor and weak in all areas, making it very hard to book my stuffs as a traveller. If the hotel trully wants to top the rest of its competitors, then the wifi must be rectified.

Hostel Terra Vista

Goreme, Turkey

No customer comment

Istiklal Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I had a superb experience in the hostel, the owner and his team of workers were splendid in their customer service. Friendly, helpful, and genuine. Lockers were available and the room was always clean. The staff were prompt in cleaning any mess. Highly recommend. Ps: apart the 7 storey climb during your check in, everything else was perfect!

HI Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

I stayed from 25 - 27 November 2013. At first glance, the hostel may not seem attractive, but my experience there had been the best in Cambodia. The layout of the lobby has allowed much ease for travellers from all over the world to mingle and share their stories. Besides, for $10 a night, the room has everything that one needs - comfortable chairs, beds and a bathroom. More can be done at improving customer service, as I think that the staff do not take on a genuine interest to interact.