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Link Corner Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Great hostel for getting to the airport or just arriving, otherwise there are better locations. Good facilities.

YHA Bangkok Downtown

Bangkok, Thailand

Nice clean hostel in the centre of Bangkok. Wi-Fi isn't strong in the rooms but is ok in the hallway (at least on the ground floor).

Plum Flowers House

Guangzhou, China

I came to Gaungzhou to arrange a visa for India. This is one of the nicest hostels I've ever stayed in, as the people working there are so friendly and helpful with everything. It's a small place and feels more like a family home than a hostel. I definitely recommend booking if you need somewhere to rest or plan your travels in China.


If you want somewhere clean and very close to the main station for a night, this is perfect. Aside from that avoid, as it's a soulless atmosphere. The ''free'' Wi-Fi has a cost because the staff come and pressure you to buy expensive tea in the only place you can get reception. It's not right that they advertise it as 'free Wi-Fi'. I really wish I hadn't booked four nights in advance as a 'rest' stop after a lot of travelling. I would have moved somewhere with more life after one night.

Party Train

St Petersburg, Russia

The hostel is literally just next to the train station that links with Saint Petersburg, which made life very simple when I was departing late at night. The station has a metro line and it is also next to a large shopping centre which has a supermarket. It is about a 30 minute walk from the main 'tourist' area. There were some nice long stay guests. There is nothing wrong with this hostel.

Hostel Stara Polana

Zakopane, Poland

The hostel is a really nice, clean log cabin. It's well decorated inside and very clean. It's close to the station about a 10 minute walk to the Main Street and it takes about an hour to walk to the cable car (which is definitely worth going up for the spectacular views even of you don't ski). The kitchen has everything you could want and the free breakfast is great. I would definitely recommend staying here.

B Movie Hostel

Krakow, Poland

The hostel was very cheap, so considering what I paid it was really good value for money. The lounge area was comfortable and clean (big sofas!) the kitchen was a good size. It's a 20 minute walk from the station but right by the castle and old town. There wasn't much room in the 8 bed dormitory however I've been in smaller hostels. It's not a palace but I definitively recommend this if you're on a budget. An ok breakfast is included which is a plus (cereal

Rastel Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I liked this hostel a lot. I went at a quiet time of year (November) so I had an 8 bed dormitory to myself. For the price it was excellent value for money. The main downside it the location, as it's 30 minute walk from both the train station and the main 'tourist' area of the city. However it was above a nice little bar that had a traditional Polish music playing when I went. On arrival the staff give a little talk about how to get around which is nice!

Hostel Mansard

Bratislava, Slovakia

A very clean, modern hostel. I didn't see many people at the time of the year I went (November). The location is a good compromise between being near train station and city centre (20 minutes from both) as it's just past the top of the old town. The is no cooking facilities and a small kitchen area. The street it's on isn't beautiful but looked ok for cheap restaurants and a drink or two in the bars. The Wi-Fi was good enough to support Skype (perhaps as my room was empty?)

Hostel Rosemary

Prague, Czech Republic

A very nice and clean, modern hostel. Amazing value for money. If you want somewhere close to the station to drop your bags before exploring, then this is perfect, although the flip side to this is that it's further away from the city centre (but still only 15 minutes). The reception shuts a little early but I e-mailed ahead of time and arrived at 10.00pm without a problem. It may have been the people staying at the time however the atmosphere was quiet. That suited me, as I like to sleep well!


Everything about this hostel was ok and it had everything that you need, so it's reasonable value for money. However there's nothing particularly to shout about. The atmosphere felt like a school trip, people were coming and going and smoking out the window (not the hostels fault). It's 10 minutes from the station but a little away from the main square and not very lively. The kitchen was usable but cramped. There is a self-service washing machine out the back.

Hotel Mevlana

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This was the worst of the many hostels I've stayed in, with my European interrail pass. There are literally no facilities. There is one small bathroom / shower for a room of 8. Someone said the bunks made it feel like a prison. It's cramped and there are lockers. It would have been awful if it was full. It's very cheap and close to the town centre but nothing else positive can be said really. There is no kitchen so you spend more on food, so staying here is a false economy.