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The Dublin Central Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The owners of this hostel are wonderful! They love to recommend places to visit, bars, restaurants, etc. The place is one of the cleanest hostels I have stayed in and it has great WIFI. They do let people stay there for long periods of time…I mean, they pretty much live there. It's kinda weird. I felt like I was staying in someones bedroom instead of a hostel. It's not the best location, but the walk isn't too bad. Very quiet hostel….nobody talks to anyone.

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Hi Timothy, many thankd for your review. Best Regards, Ian

Paddy's Palace Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Do NOT stay here!! This is one of the worst hostels I have ever stayed in. The WIFI is terrible in the rooms, which are freezing BTW. Some of the rooms do not have radiators and it is as cold inside as it is outside. The bathrooms are some of the worst I have ever seen. I almost just didn't even shower they were so bad. There were 3 on our floor, but only 1 worked. And when I say worked, I mean water came out, but no water drained. Everytime you showered, you flooded the entire bathroom.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

An amazing, wonderful hostel. My most favorite hostel I have ever stayed at. The location is fantastic! Everything you want to do is a short walk away. The wifi works great everywhere, clean showers, large rooms, wonderful people. There are small lockers in the rooms for valuables. The mattresses aren't the best, but everything is so wonderful that you won't care. Very clean bathrooms!

Central Backpackers

Oxford, England

This places feels more like home than a hostel. The staff gives you a tour of the entire place when you check in and tells you everything you need to know about Oxford. The rooms are cozy and the people there are wonderful. Everyone wants to talk to you in this hostel instead of stare at their phones. WIFI and location were great. There are several bathrooms in this hostel and some are not so clean. Go look at all of them and pick the cleanest before you shower. Some were much much cleaner.

Astor Victoria

London, England

WIFI did not work in our room, but it did in the lobby. The bathroom was not the cleanest, but for sure not the dirtiest. There are lockers located under the bed which all of your things should fit in. The people were fun and the staff was nice. The location was great. They are remolding the place right now, but it shouldn't get in your way.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

The location is not ideal. London is huge and you have to walk a lot anyways, but it's a good walk to the nearest subway and everything you want to see is far away. Beds were good, lockers under the beds, staff was great, the building is beautiful. Wifi does not work in the rooms, bathrooms aren't too bad. You get a key card for your room and our door broke while we were there….so the staff had to come upstairs every time you wanted in your room to unlock the door. I would stay here again.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Stay here!!! They are remolding the place so some things are in the middle of being finished, but it's not a problem. The bathrooms are new and clean, and so are the rooms. They lounge is very cozy and a great place to hangout. The location is wonderful. Its very close to everything. The kitchen had not bed remolded yet when we were there (not sure about now). The kitchen was very old and dirty, so if you are cooking that may be a problem. If not, everything was great. No lockers.

Amsterdam Hostel Janson

Amsterdam, Netherlands

No, NO, NO, NO!!!! Just don't even bother staying here. This is the nastiest place I haver ever stepped foot inside. They have a cat that wonders around and stayed in our room the entire time we were there. Even during the night. We were only here 1 night and it was too long. I didn't even shower because the bathroom scared me so much. RUN AWAY!! The bed smelled bad and the sheets were stained. It's sooooo gross! Don't do it.

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We arrived very early in the morning on a bus from Germany and were soooo sleepy. We had booked a dorm, but the lady at the front desk gave us a private room because our room wasn't ready. She could see how sleepy we were. Thank you!! I don't know how the dorms were, but the private rooms are basically hotels. Very clean and new. WIFI worked great. The only downside to this place was the location. Its not in the city, it's on the edge of the city so you have to take the train into town.


We stayed in the largest dorm they had so thats probably why it wasn't that clean. They bathrooms smelled kinda funky and them rooms were kinda dirty. Not the best hostel, but not the worst. Wifi only worked in part of our room so you had to go sit on the floor our in the hall to get internet. I would probably stay here gain, but in a smaller room.