Reviews: Anonymous

Old City Philly House

Philadelphia, USA

This hostel is like a close friend's house. The staff are super friendly and are always ready with suggestions of places to go and things to do. There are always group activities in the evenings, so even if you're traveling solo, there's a crowd of people waiting to hang out after a long day spent exploring Philly. Whether you like drinking with friends, chilling while watching movies and surfing the web, or having chats with new people from around the globe, this hostel is for you. The best!

Capital Comfort Hostel

Washington DC, USA

The facilities range from slightly to heavily dilapidated, but they are clean. The location is convenient for tourism, but the building is bordered by a half-busted parking lot and area is heavily populated by the homeless. The denizens of this hostel are mainly non-English speakers who don't know any better, middle-aged people who are seemingly down on their luck and need cheap rent, and actual travelers who never bother to stay more than the time they mistakenly prepaid for.