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Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 51

Hostal Cumbres del Volcan

San Salvador, El Salvador

Wow! what a great place to stay.... very clean and quiet. no squeeky floors or doors and located in a pretty quiet area away from bustling traffic. The owner was very nice and had vast knowledge of the city and things to do around the city. the staff are also very friendly and if you speak english your in luck .... The beds were really comfy too and bathrooms clean and kitchen clean as clean can get. Nice patio and living area to hang out.

Chaltunha Hostel Flores Island

Flores, Guatemala

It was more of a hotel.... I was shown one room but put several floors away from the room I was shown. There was no hot water. Staff told me that when I wanted to take a shower just to come get him and he would turn on water... well he seemed to be hiding when I went to look for him. I never did get a shower... I had to resort to washing up in the sink with cold water.

Managua Backpackers Inn

Managua, Nicaragua

Everything was great aabout this hostel..... Staff were friendly and helpful on every level. Great garden, pool and common areas. Very cleanclean. Really comphy beds and they didn't squeek like the previous ten jostles I stayed at. Great place to get rest. You can have peace and quiet after 11pm and you can't hear other doors in the hostel shutting. Twill over this place.

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Thanks for your comments!

Golden Frog Hostel

San Jose, Costa Rica

great hostel and warm staff, very helpful and knowledgeable about their city. Clean hostel and beds were comfy and not a squeeky at all, the beds are made of really good wood and are put together solidly. I didnt use the kitchen but it was clean, the guys that worked there were very polite and pleasant. very quite and relaxing hostel. Gaillovesthisplace

Hostel Siriri

Panama City, Panama

I loved this hostel... Beds were a littlelittle squeeky.. But I stayed at hostels that had squeekier beds. I read that the bathrooms were always dirty.... Not true. In fact I complemented one of the workers because every time I saw him he was cleaning something. All staff were helpful with giving direction and answering questions when I needed it. The swimming pool is clean. Shower water was not cold but not hot either...but I encountered this at most hostels in Central America. Gaillovessiriri

CX Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

One of the nicest hostel with a great atmosphere. Great value for your buck. Its a bit noisy with traffic... I slept well because I had ear plugs in. All the staff were pretty nice and very helpful and patient with giving information. They are all knowledgeable about their city which made it really easy getting around since their direction were precise. The beds are really comfy and very white sheets and blanket. Nice breakfast....eggs, bread, fruitfruit and coffee. Sim you rock girl...


Guayaquil, Ecuador

Other waking up with tons of flea bites I really enjoyed staying at the hostel..... staff were very helpful, the beds are in great condition and it was close to all I needed. I would recommened staying here its a great little hostle.

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

I thought this was one of the best hostels I have stayed at. The bathrooms were clean.The beds were big and lots of sitting height . it wasn't too noisy and the breakfast was great... two scrambled eggs, fresh buns, coffee.. this was a great start to my walk to Machu Picchu. The staff were friendly and took the time to conversate with you. oh and let me say the beds were very comfortable... I slept like a log. Gail

Atawkama Hostel

Cusco, Peru

What a wonderful place to stay... all the staff were always helpful with bookings, directions and sights around the city to see. The hostel its self is located just enough away from the city center to avoid all the traffic noise, polution and the hussel and bussel of everyday life. The beds were very comfortable... the hostel was pretty quiet at night so one was able to get a good rest. Breakfast was good tea or coffee, two fresh buns, freshly blended juice and butter/jam. Gail loves you all.

The Adventure Brew Hostel

La Paz, Bolivia

The hostel for the most part was really good. Only thing I didn{t appreciate was the squeeky floors. Otherwise I give this place a two thumbs up.

The Pink House

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This has been one of the best hostels I have stayed in. Perhaps because it is still in its baby stages. Polite and very helpful staff. they are knowledgeable of the city and how to get around . it is a great place to rest during the night or day really clean sheets and towels that are changed every three days or on request. very clean bathroom. I would again

Moai Viajero Hostel

Santiago, Chile

I didn't get very much sleep in the few days spent is loud all day at least until 2/3 So don't plan on getting to much sleep while there. All the staff were very good and knowledgeable if one didn't know the answer to your question they made sure to ask another staff . I found the staff kept up on the cleaning pretty good...especially the bathrooms, kitchen and patio area. I would stay here again the atmosphere was great,

Hostal Sunny Days

Arica, Chile

wOw.... this was one of the best hostels I have stayed at in my 25 years of traveling. The lay out of the hostel is one of the best and gave you a little someting to be amazed about with each corner, nook and cranny you passed... very well layed out kitchens and great roof top where you can hang your hand washed clothes and let them dance in the fresh wind coming from the ocean really near by. the best part of the dorm room is there are no bunk beds just single&twin beds that are comfy


Over all my stay here was great! staff was friendly and tolerant of all the questons that surrounded them by the many visitors. Stall was knowledgeable of things happenig around the city. The hostle facilities were cleaned everyday including the dorm room floors and garbage. The noise level was not bad, things quieted down after midnights so a good sleep was had. I would diffinetley recommend staying here;.


Acapulco, Mexico

For the money I paid it was a sweet deal... the hotel is old style I like that... my room was spacious, with a bathroom, double bed, plenty of storage room for clothes and an electronic safe which was great I felt comfortable enough to leave my passport and money behind. The staff were friendly and engaged in conversations with you. I feel really bad that I couldn't leave the maid a tip I just didn't have enough money on me at the time. She was great, she kept the room real clean. please tip her

Downtown Beds

Mexico City, Mexico

I stay at downtown beds for a second time during my trip... and as I said before its a great location, it in the thick of things. Easy access. The staff are very helpful and they have a few on staff that speak English well enough to get you to where you want to go or light conversation can be had. Even the security personal are very friendly.


Hands down one of the best hostles Spain has to offer...... staff were friendly and engaged in helping you plan your day trips around Velancia in generl they had good knowledge of what is happening in their city. The front end staff spoke various languages including english.... this was a plus for me. The breakfast was basic but thats all one needs to get their morning started. Good cooking facilities.... only thing is they need to up date their pots and frying pans.

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HEeeey!!!!! thanks for the comment Gail, we were also glad to have you here as guest!!!! staff say thanks!!!!! and safe travels to u!!!!! ;) xxx

Sant Jordi Arago Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Some times one opinions are better left unsaid...... what I have to say and think is not very pleasent.... I believe no matter how ignorant people can be it doesn't warrnet me to be ignorant back.... so in this case I will take my mothers advice! if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything,,,, cheers ooops..... I do have something nice to say! the free pasta night pasta was great... :)