Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 25

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Pretty good location, really easy to find and close to the metro station. The city centre is about a 5min walk so really convenient. They organised great nights out and paella dinners so that was super handy! They helped me get to Segovia during the day too. Reception staff are extremely friendly. I have no problems recommending this place.

360 Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Good no frills hostel. Close to most major attractions, about 10mins walk to La Rambla, easily accessible by public transport. Only qualm is that I was not aware that you could very easily catch the metro from the airport and that costs considerably less than taking the aerobus, even if the metro only comes every 30mins if going from the airport. Other than that, good hostel! Also worth mentioning, the kitchen has a stock of basic essentials of spices and oil so that's always handy!

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

Probably provide more details regarding the metro option because I remember pulling up into Naples and being incredibly confused.. Naples is pretty average and scary when I went (being a solo female backpacker with very little Italian) and so I just wanted to keep walking instead of standing idle... OTHER THAN THAT, FANTASTIC PLACE TO STAY AT IN NAPLES. ORGANISED GREAT GROUP ACTIVITIES AT NIGHT. Miss this place already!

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

Location was a little far from the main station (considering I was lugging around a massive pack) but is about a 10-15min walk to the Duomo and city centre which makes it okay. Facilities are standard for PLUS hostels, huge lockers (bring your own lock of course) and clean showers, own bed light and power points. No organised group activities though which is such a bummer. Also wifi doesnt work in rooms! Laundry was sooooo pricey!!!!! So skip this hostel for your laundry and go somewhere else.

The Silk Road

Venice, Italy

Breakfast was fantastic (thank u for fueling my adventures!), location can be a bit tricky as you can easily miss it but just follow the boat instructions and you should find it easily. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WALK THERE. YOU WILL GET LOST. It IS Venice, after all.. Hostel is an apartment, so first time sleeping on an actual bed (not a bunk!!) The owner actually goes out to party with us which is awesome! St Mark's is about 10-15min walk (if u know where to go!) so tres convenient!

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Loved this place. Nice and close to the station. Got upgraded to 3bed-room so ++. Not very many organised activities for solo travellers but they have a pub thing downstairs which made up for it! Augustiner beer all the way! Bathrooms are a little on the small side but serves its purpose. Staff are helpful in terms of places to eat and sightseeing. About 5-10min walk to city centre (Marienplatz) so pretty good overall!


Thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. AMAZING location, literally a stone's throw away from the station which takes you right to the heart of the city and makes it so easy to do daytrips to Salzburg. The hostel is sooo clean, the lockers are big enough to fit my backpacker's bag and the facilities were fantastic. Wifi was brilliant and everyone was helpful! Thanks! :)

PLUS Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Great place! About 10mins by tram to the city centre so was very convenient and good value for money. Provided towels and toiletries which was a big bonus! Huge lockers in the room which easily fit my 65L pack and then some. Just remember to bring your own padlock. Would definitely stay again if ever I'm in Prague!


Excellent stay but a couple of disappointing things: no towels provided (for the price you pay..), only ONE washing machine/dryer for the entire building which made washing such a ridiculous task and really poor wifi connection (possibly because I stayed over New Year's but surely a hotel this big should be capable of handling this amount of traffic)! Other than that, incredibly helpful staff who helped me get my lost jacket and who are there to suggest places to go.

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Provided me with a bed for the nights I was there... be warned however because the bunk beds have no ladder so if you're the unlucky one to get a top bunk, you pretty much have to ninja it to get to your bed. Had sheets and a towel, relatively clean toilets (this really depends on the people you're staying with) but with breakfast included and top location, it was a nice stay overall! Definitely not the worst hostel I've stayed in but don't expect fancy!


Great location, super close to Gare du nord but the only problem I had was that the shower was broken when I was there... I couldn't get any cold water at all so it was all hot, scalding water to which I obviously just gave up trying to take a shower. Not a big fan of the button showers too.. also better ventilation is needed in the bathrooms, it fogs up like crazy after attempts to shower!