Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 29

Mystique Moments

New Delhi, India

Decent hostel. I would not personally recommend it though. Almost entirely because the water was cold and the building was cold. I'm sure it's not that cold in Delhi often enough to have heaters, which is understandable. But freezing shower and cold room was very uncomfortable. Plus, overall cleanliness was the worst of all 6 countries I visited on this travel. The floors were dirty and there was what looked like mold. The doctor was helpful, but out of town most of our stay.

Moon Eleven Near Klia and Klia2

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great hostel in KL! The location was spectacular and the staff is so helpful.

Vy Khanh Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Absolutely wonderful people and comfortable stay. I would stay here again in a heartbeat. They give you an amazing map of the city and help you book whatever tours or transportation you need. They have free coffee or tea in the mornings and just the sweetest personalities.

One Stop Hostel Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Nice hostel, seems like a great long-term stay place. Clean, perfect lockers to put away your things. We were bummed because the living room/hang-out area was always packed so we didn't get to use it. But, it seemed nice. The bathroom had a line sometimes. They have laundry. The staff is nice, but not nearly as nice as other people we met in Cambodia. They were kind of brash and would take a while to look up when you're standing at the counter - nothing major; they could be more helpful.

Golden Temple Villa

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Best hostel I've ever stayed at in my life. Highly recommend it. The staff is amazing, there's free drinks and massages - flowers on the bed. They carry your luggage and always smile and say hello. Luxury hotel style. Amazing location for bars and trips to the Wats. You'll love it! Worth every penny and it's not too much.

Mojito House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

We planned to stay 3 nights, but ended up leaving the next day and just forfeiting the cash (24 hr notice to cancel). We were irritated by the hours - we need help booking tours, but there was hardly ever someone at the desk and only supposed to be someone during times when we were likely to be gone making use of our day. This might be a good place for a long-term visitor (more time to work with), but difficult for someone staying only a few nights. Also, not very clean, smelled of mildew.

Lub d Bangkok Silom

Bangkok, Thailand

Perfect first night in town lots of fun hostel. Highly recommend it! Staff available to make plans for your stay, bar in the building, tons of fun people, very clean and comfortable.

Yellow Moon

Pattaya, Thailand

Amazing hostel! So clean and nice. It was like a break in our travels. Perfect hot shower, comfortable bed, television!, and a good price. Just a quick bus ride from the main sites and really cozy. They will give great advice for the area (pay attention to their little advice card - good stuff) and have drinks/snacks available. Highly recommend!

Backpacker Time Guest House

Pattaya, Thailand

This hostel was fine for what it was. The ladies were really sweet. They actually got up in the middle of the night to let us in because our flight was delayed. Be weary of your time table, they are not available past a certain time. We didn't know that or would have made other arrangements. The bathroom wasn't very clean and the shower was lukewarm. Like I said, just fine for what it is, but nothing special.

Raizzy's Guesthouse

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wonderful people at this hostel. We were a little unsure with the safety of our things (even though we had a private room), so we locked them shut and to the bed posts just in case. There was a child running around in the halls. They sell cheap drinks and snacks. The TP was always wet in the bathrooms because they are joined with showers. Location and front door security was ideal. They also play movies downstairs, but there's only two places to sit so it's always full.


Great hostel! We made friends with some local kids that worked there and they let us try their homemade wine. Awesome little porch outside your door where you can meet other guests or play cards. Walking distance to several night clubs/bars, the beach, and lots of shopping. Beautiful room and nice wardrobes to lay your things out and get organized. Only not excellent thing was how slow they were getting us checked in. They weren't ready and there's nowhere to store luggage in the meantime.

Six Degrees

Jakarta, Indonesia

Loved this hostel! Everything was great - rooftop garden, nice people, pool table, internet, all you can ask for :)