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Guru Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This place is great. It's quite small, but nice. Although, there's only two showers, so if they're both full and someone's taking forever, you might have to wait. But other than that, no complaints. Location is good. Kitchen is well equipped.

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Thank you!


Athens, Greece

The location is great. The staff are helpful. Only complaint would be that you have to go into the lobby to get wifi, but it is open all the time, so not a huge deal. Reasonably priced. Also, the rooftop bar has an awesome view. Overall, recommended.

Galata West

Istanbul, Turkey

Great hostel. Really nice staff. Clean. Location isn't ideal, but it's only about a twenty minute walk to the main tourist square. Or you could take the metro, which is right nearby. Breakfast is good, and there is a kitchen. Really reasonably priced. Definitely recommended.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice enough hostel. Good location. The staff are super nice, and the religious affiliation isn't pushed really hard. My one complaint would be that the rooms are pretty noisy (thins walls mean you can hear everything in the hall and the courtyard) and the curtains let in tons of light. There's no kitchen, but breakfast is good and included in the price.


No complaints about this place. It's about a 10 minute walk from all the touristy things. Great common space. Clean. Nice staff. Kitchen is great, with one complaint. Sometimes the staff try to clean it in the morning around 8:00 right when everyone is trying to eat breakfast (the hostel also serves a breakfast) and ask everyone to leave. Not really a major issue, but annoying. Overall though, great place! Definitely recommended.


This place is clean and well managed. The location is decent. One complaint about the "kitchen." It's basically just a fridge, a sink, and counter space. It would be easy for them to add one of those electric countertop hotplates to cook on, but they haven't. Probably because they have sell breakfast and dinner there. The breakfast is good, but probably not worth the price. I didn't try dinner. Apart from being annoyed at not being able to cook in kitchen, this place is decent and worth a stay.

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hi there. thanks for the feedback. we are officially not allowed to have a kitchen by gouvernmental decision. thats why we define the room downstairs as tea-kitchen. this info is also stated in our hostel-info on hw. safe travells, yoho team :)

Soggiorno Pitti

Florence, Italy

This place is basically just a hotel room with five/six beds in it. There's no common room, no kitchen, nowhere to hang out. There are also no lockers. You can leave your valuables with reception, but the lady's not there until later in the morning and it closes at 8:00pm, so it's not really convenient. Also, after eating breakfast in the room in the morning, we had ants in the afternoon. This place is okay--it's a bed with a door that locks--but don't expect much else.

Abbey Hostel

Genoa, Italy

Fantastic! Best hostel I've ever stayed at. The two people that run the place are super nice and helpful. Great kitchen/common area. Good atmosphere in the downstairs common space, and clean quiet rooms upstairs. If you go to Genova, you must stay here. Highly recommended.

Pop' Hostel

Avignon, France

Other than the fact that there's not kitchen, this place is fine. The staff is helpful, and the location is good. Rooms are clean. If you ask, the staff will stick a bottle of milk or something small in the fridge for you, but otherwise there's no kitchen. Other than that, I'd recommend it.

Auberge du Voyageur

Arles, France

Loved this place. It's a little pricey, but the rooms are super nice. Nice and quiet. If you're looking for a party hostel, this is not the place. But it has a fantastic location and awesome kitchen. You do have to go across the street to the hotel to use the internet, but you can sit right in the lobby and connect no problem, so it's really not an issue.

Hello Marseille Hostel

Marseille, France

This place is awesome! Clean. Good kitchen. Great staff. Great location. 24 hour reception. Great setup for meeting other travelers. One warning: the common area is right next to the sleeping area, so bring earplugs as it can get a little loud if guests are rowdy/come back late.