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This hostel, like many other yha and youth hostels association hostels, if full of students, interns, working professionals. The atmosphere is not as lively as a backpacker hostel. Staff is totally unaware of Shanghai major attractions, only one girl on the reception was helpful. No toilet paper you need wrap some in you hand and go. Not the best stay but again worth the money. Location is good, internet is not, hostel is clean although there are garbage cans which smell up the place.....

365 Inn

Beijing, China

I had a wonderful stay at 365 Inn. Location is perfect, they have a nice cosy bar where me and my fellow hostelers drank all night. Cheap liquor too. Staff is good, speaks English. Only thing is that internet is terrible but that is the case across China and the bathrooms are outside ad not heated so it is very cold every time you want to take a leak or want to have a shower. Good hot water though, never runs out. You can book tours from the reception desk. One of my better stays.....


Only bad thing about this hostel is the room is so close to metro trains, I did not get any sleep during my 2 nights due to the constant rattling of trains passing by. Also they need to revamp their computer centre, you need to pay for internet and print out, for the kind of money they charge it should be free. On the good side, the hostel clean, full with facilities and great location.......

Camel Campus

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This hostel is on the outskirts of Ajman,it takes 2 hours to go to Dubai, ONE WAY.And if you do not want to spend 120 Dirhams on taxi you need come from Dubai by 7pm so night life in Dubai is not even an option.You have to pay for net and breakfast and charges are double of what you pay outside. Its remote, water is salty, no hot water. 25 dirhams to and fro charge to reach Dubai + net + food+rent you can easily get another hostel in Dubai for 50 dhms more.People visiting Dubai don't stay here

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Dear Guest, Our new breakfast rate is of AED 1.00, lunch is AED 20.00 and dinner is AED 25.00. I think it would be very difficult to get these prices in Dubai. We have hot water tanks and back up hot water tanks, perhaps the water heater in your room at the time was not switched on In the UAE it is highly recommended to drink only bottled water which is very cheap. Thank you and see you again


Hostel is cheap, but there is no heating, no breakfast included, if you include these 2 you pay as much as you pay in other hostels in cities like Amman, don't know why would you put up a room with heating for booking in the chilling cold of petra, hot water is a luxury and the owner will keep making excuses that its so cold that water cannot be heated, which is a load of hocum. Better stay in another hostel with 1-2 dinars more. Personally had the worst night here. Staff is good

Jordan Tower Hostel

Amman, Jordan

Hostel is right in downtown with all the major sites near by, breakfast is one of the best I have ever had in all my hostel stays. Electricity kept on going every now and then, which was a pain as the internet kept on going off, other than that it was good, highly recommeneded, you can recover the cost in the breakfast alone

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Our apologies for the electric cuts but this was a countrywide problem due to the severe weather conditions at the time and was circumstances beyond our control.. Even the most advanced countries such as US and UK had huge areas of power cuts due to weather conditions... It happens ! not convenient but can happen anywhere with adverse weather conditions. Indeed the whole world has recently experience unprecedented bad weather. Its good to know you were satisfied with everything else.

Istanbul Harmony Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Nice Hostel, awesome location, worth a stay

Bada Bing Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Great place, Ali is very helpful and makes the trip really comfortable, was checking to go to cappadocia and he did all the permutations and combinations for the trip from Istanbul, including road and air and both road and air, did not end up going but really appreciate the effort. One thing is that the breakfast is not great which is cool in Istanbul since such a good place for food, definitely recommend this place