Reviews: Anonymous

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Awesome hostel that's more like a hotel! Pool and sauna use which is great in winter. Kind of far from the historic/ tourist areas in Berlin. But it is next to the east side gallery. Very nice rooms and amenities. I'd definitely recommend this place for backpackers that want a nice place to stay for a few nights

David Hasselhostel

Budapest, Hungary

Nice hostel with free computers, kitchen, common room, games room. Great party atmosphere! Very nice hostel overall Only complaint is that for some of the rooms you have to go outside of the building to go to the bathroom. Really sucks when it's negative outside and you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Not all the rooms have this issue though. Overall great hostel awesome staff and lys of fun!

Swanky Mint

Zagreb, Croatia

Really nice clean hostel. Free tea and coffee, computers. Nice kitchen and bar downstairs. Only complaint is that room don't lock. But there is a keycode for the hostel itself and padlocks. Still great hostel and nice location

Split Guesthouse & Hostel

Split, Croatia

Awesome little hostel in Split! Great staff, good location, very secure, free computer, tea, coffee. One of my favorite hostels so far - feels like home!


Great hostel with friendly staff, nice free breakfast, free comps, spacious rooms with big lockers. Very laid back and small hostel but the perfect place to stay after long days of sightseeing in rome. A bit pricey compared to other hostels but it's worth it.

Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy

One my favorite hostels so far. The bar downstairs is packed every night of the week with locals and travelers. Great atmosphere, very secure, clean, nice free breakfast every morning including eggs fruit and juice. Really enjoyed the hostel itself but one of the staff members was the rudest I've experienced by far. It was an inconvenience to her to extend my stay or even check in. Rest of the staff was good though. Besides a rude employee it's an awsome hostel!