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The Spot Central Hostel

Seville, Spain

Great hostel! Facilities to make your own meals, staff were pleasant, had a great time. Good location. They provide lockers, not the sturdiest lockers but they worked for me. I paid for laundry, and received some clothing that was still wet. Advice: if there are still wet clothes in a load, do not give them back to the hostel guest. They fold the clothes, so they should ensure that they are all dry.

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

When I arrived, there were short hairs all over my sheets and questionable stains. I asked for another sheet and given one, however, it also had hair on it albeit less than the previous. A kitchen or even a microwave for guest use would have been nice. Bad experience with some guests in the larger dorm, but not really the hostel's fault. The breakfast was fine: cereal, toast (toppings), and tea/juice. I would not stay here again, and I did not when I returned to madrid. good access to train stat


Have facilities to make one's own meal. Very small hostel close to the well-known Las Ramblas Street. It was actually hard to find because it is not very obvious. I didn;t like that you have to log in and check-in with your facebook. HAd internet issues.

Geneva Hostel

Geneva, Switzerland

The location is close to the train station, so that was nice. However, there is not much to do in Geneva... The hostel was a bit on the expensive side, but I was able to get a good night sleep every night. Security is fine. the hostel is popular among larger groups, rather than solo travelers.


Breakfast was good, wished they offered meat besides ham (/pork)... I stayed at the St. Chris in Berlin as well. I wwould stay at any of the other branches as well. Recommend. There was really nothing more that I desired from the hostel.

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It's fantastic to see that you loved the hostel and will keep on trying out the other hostels we have. Changing the breakfast is a difficult process, the meat option is pork a it's so popular amongst most people. Thank you for the idea though. St Christopher's Inn GDN

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Breakfast was suitable. The location was good and easy to find. I dont really remember much about the hostel beyond this...

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

wifi only worked in the bar area, so that was a bummer. Good location, I felt safe. The breakfast could be better, but they do offer hand fruit. The check-in staff were a little oblivious at times and needed to be prodded for more info. Also they gave the wrong info to a friend about transport, so she could have missed her train.

Czech Inn

Prague, Czech Republic

The Wifi was slow at times and only available in lobby (I stayed -1 floor). The breakfast was a but expensive. Hostel was clean. Hotel staff a bit apathetic. People in hostel wanted to party and would walk around shouting while drunk and weren't very considerate. maybe a reflection of the people who choose to stay. Also laundry (for wash only) was around 7 USD

Minoo House

Budapest, Hungary

They made a mistake with my booking and then booked me at a different hostel (that I did not enjoy), thus did not stay at this hostel. Made my stay in Budapest much less enjoyable.

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Hi there. We did make a mistake with your booking. Sorry for that, really. Your booking slipped in during the 1 hour while we were transferring to a new channel manager and we couldn't accommodate you. I apologise that you didn't like the other hostel we were able to find for you, although as I remember, you looked at it and Ok'ed it with me over email before we booked you in. Maybe not so fair to review our hostel based on your experience elsewhere?

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

I would recommend this hotel. The staff was fantastic, the location is great, and the hostel lobby is conducive to socializing. Like other reviewers wrote, the website is misleading and breakfast is not included with every room reservation. The hostel will let you store your baggage there after you check out, and let you hang around and use the wifi.

Soho Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Great location on Istiklal Ave. The trip to Sirkeci train station and from the airport was easy. My room, however, smelt like cheese, which was a bit uncomfortable. Other than that, do not have many other complaints.