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Great hostel, within walking distance to the Westbahnhof and the rest of Vienna, also within walking distance to the Schonbrunn Palace (a MUST for all visitors); although, I will say that due to the fact that I got food poisoning the week before coming to Vienna, having to walk 5-10 minutes from the station, although great normally, didn't feel so good for me.

Black Swan

Barcelona, Spain

No customer comment

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Incredibly cheap during low travel season, there's free churros and tea/coffee until 10am, plenty of people who stay here have either come from Barcelona or are going there afterwards, so feel free to make friends; flamenco night was alright for the amount paid, tapas tour was by far the best event they have here (try karaoke sometime as an event); the pub crawl was definitely suited for a different type of person, not me; the smell of incense indicates how much smoking there is here

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Best hostel I've stayed in so far (aside from Generator in either Berlin or Venice); breakfast is not included, but for the sake of Rome, everything there is a tourist trap except for several convenience stores so you're better off buying and making your own food. The kitchen does not have a stove (sadly) but the microwave is usable. Plenty of hostel events, such as beer pong and karaoke night for college students; many people I met here, I met again later in Barcelona or Madrid!

Ostello S. Fosca

Venice, Italy

Located next to a student dorm in Venice (which is a VERY expensive city) and five minutes' walk from a street filled with restaurants and convenience stores, so you'll never have to worry about shortage of food; I went during carnival season so the prices were greater than usual; there wasn't much of an atmosphere since the environment here was quiet in general; go during low season!

Central Globetrotter Hostel

Leipzig, Germany

Very close to the main station, located ten minutes' walk from city center of Leipzig; breakfast cost 3 euro but it was a buffet so that wasn't too bad, especially for Leipzig; one thing about showers is that they are VERY green about energy and hydro, so the stalls shut off after a minute or so of running water; you'll have to push the knob again for the shower to run. Oh, and there weren't any curtains in the stalls so I had to either time myself to use the men's showers or avoid women.

Saint James Backpackers

London, England

I stayed here for four nights, five days. I arrive fairly late in the night and had some difficulties getting to the hostel (because the trains weren't running), so I called the Hostel and the lady at the reception graciously helped me out there. As far as locations, it's located not too far outside of the center of London, so prices aren't as expensive as expected (which is great), and the Hostel itself is five minutes walking distance away from a bunch of great restaurants nearby.


Near to the Sacre-Coeur (be VERY wary of street vendors), down the road from the Moulin Rouge (be also wary of prostitutes), very close to the metro, twenty minutes away from the Eiffel Tower, fifteen minutes walk from the Galeries-Lafayette, and the travelers here are very nice. I met a girl at breakfast and we toured the city together on Christmas, visiting Notra Dame for Mass too. The food is decent for breakfast, but it's not a hotel, so deal with it as it comes.