Reviews: Chax

Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 22

One Stop Hostel Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Great new hostel, everything you want!

Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Tokyo, Japan

Cabin rooms are quite nice and lots of privacy, facilities are great and really clean. Pretty quiet place though. Very close to asakusabashi station. Thanks guys!

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

Cabin beds are nice! Place was not that lively though

B&B Pan

Jeju Island, South Korea

Martin is a nice guy even though he is very quiet. Was quite lonely when I stayed there but it's a very nice guesthouse where you get a more authentic feel than a hostel. Also he has the most adorable kittens in the world!

Kimchee Hongdae Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

This is one of those very large and rowdy hostels. Could be exactly what you're looking for though, especially staying in hongdae, great place to meet people and make the most of what Seoul has to offer! Shoutout to Gadi for being a cool guy!

Come Inn Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

James and Bobby are the greatest hostel hosts you could ever hope for, I've been to 20+ hostels around the world and these guys are the nicest and most friendly guys I've ever met! The location is so good right in the middle of Hongdae as well


Great hostel, met so many great people and the staff are so nice! Thanks to everyone that made it so enjoyable :)

Sant Jordi Hostel Gracia

Barcelona, Spain

Loved the staff here, it was really empty when I went to this Hostel and they make you feel at home in Barcelona. If you're staying more than a 1-2 days, Gracia is an awesome neighbourhood to stay in, so that's why I would say the location is great. Real nice hostel with great rooms and such, overall top notch! Supermarket just around the corner and good kitchen facilities

Travel Joy Hostels Chelsea

London, England

haha this place is great. the bus stop is literally outside and its a big red bus too so, mad. Not too far from Pimlico either. Definitely go to the fish and chips store in the area, cheap and great. but this hostel is fun! met fun people the staff are mad too! Omlettes for breakfast are greaaaat. no 'free' wifi really but whatever. I can't remember his name but there was I think an Italian guy who worked there, SUPER helpful and lovely guy, helped me cut my lock that i stupidly lost the key to.


Been to a few st. chris' hostels, they're all pretty good standard. This one has a nice view (better in the summer i guess) and rooms are real nice. bar kind of has a dead atmosphere cos its really hard to talk to new people in there. Wifi sucked and food was overpriced (but compared to the rest of Paris, it was alright). Would have wanted to stay somewhere more fun though (although i was there in winter)

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

booked the 40 bed dorm, got everything i expected. this place is kind of crazy, the showers are MESSED UP they are CLEAR. make sure you know this before you book this place. Also not for the faint of heart, it really is 40 beds. Bar was pretty cool though, met great people

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

good, the reception took a really long time to wait in line for though

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Love this place, awesome awesome vibe, met awesome people, had HEAPS of fun. Great music and super chill staff, wish I could be back here!!!