Reviews: Anonymous

Oops Design Hostel

Paris, France

This hostel is under the impression that colorful walls means personality. The only good experience I had with a staff member at the front desk was the guy who asked me if I had a good stay in Paris. Upon checking in I was neither greeted or welcomed. In general the desk staff treated me poorly or indifferently. I don't recommend this hostel if you're over 1.72cm (approx. 5'8'') because the beds are tiny. The bathroom door didn't lock and the shower flooded the bathroom every time.

Lotte - The Backpackers

Heidelberg, Germany

The rooms, the staff, the location, etc was all perfect. The hostel is close by to just about everything and is very close to inexpensive eateries. I recommend to anyone traveling to Heidelberg.

Die Wohngemeinschaft

Cologne, Germany

I stayed in the 8 person room. It was the best bed of any hostel I've ever stayed in. Their complementary tea and coffee is superior. I wish they at least provided a microwave as they didn't have a kitchen or refrigerator. The staff was very friendly and the rooms and bathrooms were very clean. I would gladly stay here again and I would recommend it to anyone staying in Cologne.


Brussels, Belgium

It feels like being a guest in someone's home rather than a hostel. Karel, the owner, was very nice, friendly, and helpful. The whole hostel was very clean. I stayed in the 5 bed deluxe room. It's one of the nicest hostel rooms you'll find. No lockers for security, which wasn't necessary, but I wish I had at least a locked drawer I could put valuables I access regularly (e.g. computer, wallet while I'm sleeping, etc.). I recommend this hostel for anyone staying in Brussels.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cocomama is one of those hostels that ruins you for enjoying the subpar hostels that are masking as a norm in Europe. The staff is great. They have an excellent common room and frequently schedule group activities. My only issue is I wish they provided more storage in the rooms.


Hostel is great for New Year's Eve. The staff is hit and miss. Overall good but several staff are unacceptably unprofessional and rude. Breakfast is REALLY overpriced, but common areas are superb for socializing. Everything was clean in the rooms, but they didn't provide hand soap in the bathrooms, which is gross and no other hostel has required me to provide hand soap while I've backpacked through Europe. Not having a kitchen is a big negative. 24 hour reception is great.


Dresden, Germany

The hostel is an easy walk from the Hauptbahnhof, about a little over a kilometer. It's also very close to Altstadt, the sites, and restaurants. Not very close to much late night eating or inexpensive bars. However, if you're just looking for alcohol, there's a bar in the lobby and if you're lucky you'll get the attractive male receptionist who works the evening shift to serve you. Keep in mind they book by the room, not by the bed so you'll pay for all beds in the room. More hotel than hostel.


Vienna, Austria

Lilly is wonderful, easygoing, relaxed, and friendly. She also runs the cleanest hostel in all of Europe. She provides so many amenities that other hostels don't; shampoo, shower soap, pasta, rice, tea, coffee, and a great wall of Vienna's recommended sites. 15 minute walk to the Ringstra├če. Not particularly close to any underground stops, but the walk is very easy.