Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Mancini

Naples, Italy

We loved hostel Mancini. Beds were comfy, staff were friendly, breakfast was amazing. Location is very ahhhh...suited to naples. There's a 'market' everyday which involves a lot of men harassing you. But other than that everything was perfect!

6 small rooms

Naples, Italy

I can't understand why this place has such shining reviews. The vibe here was unfriendly and it felt like we were staying in a share house considering all the people who appeared to live there and consequently did whatever they wanted despite the thousands of rules they had posted all over the walls. Breakfast was tea, coffee and bread and jam. Amazing bread. Beds were uncomfy and short and our first night we were in a DORM with a sick child (about 4yrs). Kept us awake. This place was weird.

Mazzini 16 Downtown

Pisa, Italy

This hotel was cute and we enjoyed our stay there. Bathrooms smell weird and are falling apart but just a design flaw. Other than that we have nothing negative to say about this hostel!

Hotel Genzianella

Florence, Italy

Location was okay. Hotel's wifi was questionable. We booked a double bed private but were instead put in a twin, which was okay. Not bad!

Victoria House Hostel

Nice, France

We enjoyed staying at this hostel. Perfect location and comfy room.

Pop' Hostel

Avignon, France

This hostel was great. We loved our short time here. Dorms were great with their curtains!


Barcelona, Spain

The hostel has a good layout and the room was adequate. Pillows were weird and very uncomfortable and the walls were paper thin and there was a constant squeaking noise coming from outside and early in the morning workers would start using power tools. Our toilet wouldn't flush for the whole first day and then the second we hung out with the plumbers for three hours or so. Wifi didn't work in our room. Breakfast was definitely the highlight!

Buba House

Barcelona, Spain

This hostel was in a great location. Staff were friendly and helpful and they upgraded us which was lovely of them! Bed was comfortable, pillows were a little uncomfortable. Breakfast in the morning was adequate and the wifi was really temperamental but overall I had a warm and comfy stay here.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Hostel location is perfect! The staff are amazing and will help you with any issue you have. Although we had none and we even were upgraded to a really cute private room with ensuite. One of their nicest rooms, apparently. We loved the lounge and spent ages playing the instrument each evening. Internet was fast and reliable. All in all a lovely stay.

Hostel Prague Tyn

Prague, Czech Republic

Location of this hostel was perfect. There was also an amazing indian restaurant down below that was a highlight. We weren't too keen on having to change dorm rooms on our last night and also the sandwiches they provide left lots to be desired. I'm quite certain I actually got food poisoning from one of them! But otherwise the hostel was agreeable. Comfy beds. Awful pillows. What can you expect?

Hotel Bronckhorst

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Clean and private. Everything we wanted.