Reviews: Anonymous

Youthhostel Luzern

Lucerne, Switzerland

The dinner is delicious and a good value. We payed CHF15.5 for it and ended up taking it both nights. It was difficult to meet new people here - though while I stayed there was a large contingent of Asians that shunned non-Asians and may have chased everyone out of the common spaces. The hostel requires a bus to access the train station, though it is a relatively frequent bus. There isn't much in walking range of the hostel. Be aware that there is no bar and no guest kitchen.

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The staff is incredibly awesome. This hostel is right in the tourist central and all the main sites, though it is a fairly Islamic section so the bars and clubs tend to be a short tram ride away. The terrace bar has amazing views of the Hagia Sofia, but could benefit from a happy hour if that were allowed in the country (I don't know if it is) The lockers would benefit from extension cords that reached into the back - that would bring the facilities from good to excellent.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

This place was the best hostel I ever stayed at, so much awesome. The bar was a good value, and it was just the right size to encourage meeting new people. It was great to have a common kitchen to cook in - even better because it was super clean.