Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 24

Hostel Villa Skansi

Hvar, Croatia

We were happy to be welcomed by friendly women, they were helpful. However, the hostel has some stupid rules (you can't take a shower after midnight) and there's a stupid night guard that endorses it unreasonably without any sort of judgment. Two guys got back to the hostel 00:07 and were denied a shower! We had a room only with people from our group, we were making absolutely no noise and the guard kicked us out after coming 5 times to our room because "those are the rules". Not worth 37 euros

Backpackers Fairytale

Split, Croatia

We had a great stay and we enjoyed the atmosphere of the hostel. The owner and the staff were really receptive, fun and open to helping in any way they could. Good facilities too. Beware it might not be easy to find (it's on a normal building, on the top floor, we were kind of lucky to identify it). Would definitely be back