Reviews: Anonymous

Central Hostel

London, England

DO NOT STAY HERE. The staff is probably the rudest, most unorganized people I have ever encountered. Not only did they make my friends switch rooms multiple times due to lack of organization but they rudely kicked me out ! Bathrooms are always clogged or dirty. There were flies in my room, as well as really long term guests who made the room their home. The hostel tries to cram as many people as they can in one room. I had my panties and phone charger stolen from my bed. Look for a new hostel.

Hostel Colours

Milan, Italy

No WiFi at all in the rooms, only in reception. Staff was alright, not really friendly or welcoming except for one woman I met. The location was a bit far, but close to one of the bus stops that took you straight to the Duomo and back. Also close to the metro station. Bathrooms were ensuite and nice and big. Cheap hostel, alright facilities.


WiFi was iffy and the location was alright, at least it was close to a metro stop. The hostel is a bit hidden and the rooms are HUGE. Never had to wait for a bathroom or shower. Staff was informative and friendly. Relatively clean.


Rome, Italy

Lockers and ensuite clean bathrooms. One of the ladies working there was so cute and sweet, definitely a homey feeling to the hostel. Provide wine and pizza every night. People staying there was really friendly too. Only complaint was the WiFi was sometimes iffy.

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

This was one of the best hostels I've stayed at. WiFi and lockers in the room. A party and social atmosphere but not crazy like Retox is. CHEAP and great quality. Staff was nice and social. Location, right in the middle of everyhting. Only complaint was that when I was there the bathrooms were under construction, I'm sure they're fine now, but since it was under construction there was only ONE good bathroom and it was the one downstairs.

St Christopher's Village

London, England

The rooms here are a lot bigger than at the Village and everything just feels nicer. I think the luggage storage lockers are a complete joke however cause they charge you for it which is so unnecessary.


I prefer the Village over the Inn simply because the Village had bigger rooms. WiFi didn't work in the rooms and it was very cramped. Had to wait for the bathrooms a couple of times and the stairs felt like they were gonna fall under me.

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

This hostel is great ! Lockers in the room as well as storage when you're waiting to check in or out. On the best street ever, right next to everything. WiFi worked in the rooms and breakfast lasts until noon ! Staff was nice and friendly. Great value for your money, definitely stay here !

Baxpax Kreuzberg Hostel

Berlin, Germany

This hostel was alright, nothing spectacular but it's a good price. Lockers next to the rooms, but bring your own lock ! Can get a bit loud since it has a bar attached. The annoying thing is that the WiFi only lasts for a certain amount of time before you need a new password. Bathrooms are not that clean.

Sant Jordi Hostel Gracia

Barcelona, Spain

One of the top 5 hostels I stayed at during my 5 month long trip in Europe. Definitely one of the cleanest, lockers in the room. Used key cards instead of keys which makes keeping track of it a lot more convenient. Events every night of the week. Staff was nice and friendly and partied with us. Great value. Only complaint was the location, I don't remember it being close to anything spectacular. But it is close to the metro stations which makes up for it.

Jacobs Inn

Dublin, Ireland

First hostel I have ever stayed at back in January 2014, and after traveling Europe I would have to say this was an average to good hostel. Luggage storage was there but inconvenient as it wasn't in the room and you had to pay for it. Location was solid, the best was that it was close to the airlink bus stop so if you were going to and from the airport it was convenient. Staff was nice and welcoming. Atmosphere was good, cleanliness no complaints there. Great value for $$. WiFi barely worked.