Reviews: Anonymous

Backpackers on Dundas

Toronto, Canada

The Hostel is in a great position and personnel seemed friendly though not really concerned about the quality of services provided to guests. Floors in the kitchen and bathrooms were swept clean, still carpets in the dorm rooms were dirty and ceilings had signs of mould due to humidity leaking from above. Pillow and mattress had stains all over but at least linen and blankets were fresh clean. Kitchen: small, dirty (spotted cockroaches in the mw oven) and improperly supplied. Shabby vibe!

The Clarence Park

Toronto, Canada

Pretty good hostel with old style and modern furniture and old wooden floorings. Personnel was courteous and apparently concerned about cleanliness and running the business with a sincerely guest-oriented approach. The kitchen was big and quite well supplied. Fridges were capacious enough though, because they were crammed all time and thus not very clean, had almost no room to store my few groceries. Induction heaters, only 4-5 hobs, are not great because of past misuse or torn for frequent use.